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If you’ve found this blog while searching for long-distance motorcycle travel, please have a look at my book, 132 DAYS – A Journey A Journal and some Whiskey. It covers my entire trip in greater detail than this blog, and it can be found on Amazon. Ebook or paperback! Advertisements

  • It seems like yesterday that we were carving through the sweeping turns of the Skyline Drive, sending you off into the great unknown. But the day count says otherwise. While were were stuck in the 9 to 5 box, waiting to get through the day, you have been out there exploring the faraway corners of this great country we live in. For the last several months, this blog served as a window for us into an exciting and free life on the open road, sometimes care free, sometimes less than comfortable, and sometime straight dangerous, but always exciting and full of amazement and adventure. Hope you found what you were searching for. One thing for sure, you won't ever feel like you did not look. We are proud of you Mike, and we can't wait to see you back here in the place called HOME. Godspeed, brother! Your homies
  • I feel great. There is no doubt that I've made the right decision for my overall mental well being. Like a caged animal who has just been released, I feel free. I do not want this state of being to end.  I have felt very little homesickness.  I've been humbled a few times already from the people and landscapes that I've been fortunate enough to cross and I'm very impressed with the scenery in the southern appalachians. It is certainly not easy to keep this pace up. A new place everyday is very tiring, but absolutely worth the effort. My body is a bit fatigued from the lack of a full nights sleep the last five days. Hopefully tonight I can get six or seven hours. I feel like I am designed for this style of life.  I am extremely grateful for all the well wishes from family, old friends, and  new friends. That is the life blood of my motivation. Right now  I'm in Helen Ga. at the Oktoberfest festival enjoying a Spaten beer and I'm not sure how a moment like this could be improved upon. It's perfection. Believe it or not it just got better. The bartender that is serving me and the other thirsty patrons at the Heildelberg Bar is a German gal who used to race motocross on a KX125! You can't make this stuff up. I have to give a huge thanks to Igor. I call and text him several times a day for help with the site management. More than a few times I've tried to add pics or videos to the site and screwed it up. He quickly helps me get it organized again. The few things that are high on my priority list while doing this style of travel are finding a place to sleep as cheap as possible, keeping fuel in the tank, (I fuel up when my tank reaches a quarter of a tank), finding wi-fi and cheap food. I'll do a full story on the Oktoberest tomorrow since I haven't left Helen yet.    Mike
  • I first met Mike in the back parking lot of a small pizza shop in Charles Town. He just returned from making another pizza delivery in his little red Nissan truck, which was  plastered with motocross stickers and had tires reminiscent of Nascar slicks. Within minutes of talking to him, I knew we would get right along. He had that warm, open personality that makes you feel like you are talking to one of your kin folk the moment you meet him. Next thing you know, we were talking pizza, bikes, and river rafting. Turned out that he could not make it to a party with us that night because he was spending his evenings building a home from the ground up with own two hands. While my buddies and I were out drinking, Mike was driving nails through two by fours, putting to use the skills he picked up during another day job working as a carpenter for a general contractor. I was sceptical of the outcome at first,  but eventually his determination started to win me over, as I have never seen anyone so dedicated to pursuing his or her goal. A couple of years later, I found myself at that move-in party at his newly completed 3 story house in the middle of historic Harpers Ferry. During those two years I have learned to never question Mike's willpower. From the time he built a massive treehouse as a small child, he took on a slew of projects without any formal training, and succeeded against all odds. A motocross racer, a brewmaster, a carpenter, an inventor - I could talk with him for hours and not run out of things to discuss. I could not believe that this was a guy with no college education hailing from a small West Virginia town. But something was eating Mike from the inside, and I noticed that an idea was brewing in his head. When I saw a map on his wall with pins scattered all over United States, I knew something epic was about to happen. There are people that dream all their life about doing something awesome, and then there are people like Mike who set a goal for themselves and work hard to make it happen. I am glad to have been a part of his journey and hope that we can document it along the way, so it can become an inspiration for everyone else with a seemingly impossible dream just waiting to materialize. Good luck on the road, Mike! Your friend Igor

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My name's Mike Krabal and I am from Jefferson County WV. I'm a thirty year old guy who still believes that you can be anything you want to be. I'm on a mission to find out exactly what that is.

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