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Georgia, Helen

A few thoughts with one week behind me.

I feel great. There is no doubt that I’ve made the right decision for my overall mental well being. Like a caged animal who has just been released, I feel free. I do not want this state of being to end.  I have felt very little homesickness.  I’ve been humbled a few times already from the people and landscapes that I’ve been fortunate enough to cross and I’m very impressed with the scenery in the southern appalachians. It is certainly not easy to keep this pace up. A new place everyday is very tiring, but absolutely worth the effort. My body is a bit fatigued from the lack of a full nights sleep the last five days. Hopefully tonight I can get six or seven hours. I feel like I am designed for this style of life.  I am extremely grateful for all the well wishes from family, old friends, and  new friends. That is the life blood of my motivation. Right now  I’m in Helen Ga. at the Oktoberfest festival enjoying a Spaten beer and I’m not sure how a moment like this could be improved upon. It’s perfection. Believe it or not it just got better. The bartender that is serving me and the other thirsty patrons at the Heildelberg Bar is a German gal who used to race motocross on a KX125! You can’t make this stuff up. I have to give a huge thanks to Igor. I call and text him several times a day for help with the site management. More than a few times I’ve tried to add pics or videos to the site and screwed it up. He quickly helps me get it organized again. The few things that are high on my priority list while doing this style of travel are finding a place to sleep as cheap as possible, keeping fuel in the tank, (I fuel up when my tank reaches a quarter of a tank), finding wi-fi and cheap food. I’ll do a full story on the Oktoberest tomorrow since I haven’t left Helen yet.    Mike


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I'm a fella who finally let the inner traveler come out. A non-standard sort.


2 thoughts on “A few thoughts with one week behind me.

  1. Good luck bud i am following you on your trip and i hope everything goes great for you take care jamie seal p.s Are ya hitting florida for a while??

    Posted by Jamie Seal | October 21, 2011, 11:19 pm

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My name's Mike Krabal and I am from Jefferson County WV. I'm a thirty year old guy who still believes that you can be anything you want to be. I'm on a mission to find out exactly what that is.

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