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Days 45,46,47 Houston to Ft. Worth. On the road again.

Time came to say goodbye to my Friend Daniel. This time as I left Houston I didn’t have the fear of uncertainty of the road like I did when I left Key West. Instead I looked forward to seeing the new countryside and inching my way west. Day 45 can be summed up as a … Continue reading

Days 41,42,43,44 Houston. We have a problem.

Don’t take the title to this post to seriously. I just couldn’t resist using that line. I’m ok and the trip is continuing.  Actually the only problem I have is knowing that I’m leaving my good buddy Daniel for another long stretch of time. Having friends spread across the country is great while traveling. It’s … Continue reading

clip from the road

This is a short vid of some wild dolphins swimming in the Atlantic Ocean just off the shore of North Carolinas outer banks.

Videos from the road

This one is from Mt. Pisgah National Park. If you slow the video down in the first split second you can see me wipe out on the wet railroad tie. This one is from Day 2 of the trip. This is what it looks like to take a brave leap of faith from the 876 … Continue reading

Day 42 Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m in Houston TX, where I’ll stay for a few days with my friend Daniel, his girlfriend Laura and her son J.D. I’m going to put my multi-day Houston experience in one post a few days from now. In the mean time I’ll put some of my better videos up that I … Continue reading

Day 40 regrouping and rain gear

My morning was filled with a sense of urgency to get out of New Orleans. It wasn’t a sense of urgency out of fear, it was a sense that I just wanted to get on the road. I’ve been to the French Quarter three times now and I was just eager to see some new … Continue reading

Day 39 Who got robbed? I got robbed!

It wasn’t even daylight yet when I started day 39. I woke up refreshed at 5:20am at my tent site in Natchez State Park. The plan for the day was to get to New Orleans with enough daylight to find a place to stay and make it back to the french quarter before dark. Due to waiting for … Continue reading

Day 38 slow and easy to Natchez

Laundry was the word for the morning. Pecan Grove campground not only costs about $10 dollars less than a state park, but it also features a laundry room. I have 7 changes of clothes with me and I was outta socks and clean britches. The campground has two washers and two dryers. One fella who started even … Continue reading

Day 37 Bad luck, good luck and Arkansas

Day 37 started out really really early. So early in fact that the action started at about 1am. At the Budget Inn in Clarksdale all eyes were on me. These were eyes that I wish were not though. I made it back to my room from a night at Ground Zero Blues Club and the time … Continue reading

Days 35 and 36 A military base to Morgan Freemans place

The time to say so long to my gracious hosts and family, Pam and Tomato Joe, came early on Thursday morning. I still wanted to get out and see a few things in Pensacola while I was there. There is a naval base with a light house and free museum just down the street from their … Continue reading

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