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Day 38 slow and easy to Natchez

Laundry was the word for the morning. Pecan Grove campground not only costs about $10 dollars less than a state park, but it also features a laundry room. I have 7 changes of clothes with me and I was outta socks and clean britches. The campground has two washers and two dryers. One fella who started even earlier than me decided to use both washers for his load and I saw his load and it did not require two washers for for that amount of clothes. I hoped to get an early start, but I had to wait on the laundry room hoarder to finally get around to putting his clothers in the dryer. When he tossed his load in the dryer, miraculously it all fit into one dryer. Interesting. The sky looked as though it was going to rain at any moment and I had no time to waste. Looking on the bright side though, I had some time to check out Lake Chicot. The Mississippi River has changed coarse naturally many times in the past. When it did this several lakes were left behind. They all look like a river when you stand beside them and they seem to share a half moon shape as their defining characteristic. Lake Chicot was no different.  I walked out on the rikkity old pier across the street from the campground. There were some pretty athletic turtles that climbed a few feet up a branch floating in the water. Some sort of kingfisher bird attempted to share their space and both turtles did an acrobatic leap back into the water. It was the fastest I’ve seen a turtle move since the last TMNT movie over a decade ago. As you can tell, my day was full of excitement. At last my clothes were dry and I hit the road going south. The only real goal was to find a place to camp that was about halfway from Lake Village Arkansas and New Orleans. My route for the day would take me on 65 south in Arkansas through the extreme northeastern part of Lousiana and back into Mississippi via Vicksburg then down scenic route 61 south to the Natchez Trace Parkway and to Natchez state park. The Natchez trace parkway is just like the Blue Ridge Parkway without the overlooks and with a bit of spanish moss here and there. A few sections looked just like the Appalachain Mountains. I came across a historic house that was bordered by split rail fence stacked about four feet high. It looked so much like my hometown of Harpers Ferry that I felt a slight bit of homesickness for the first time of the trip. Feeling a bit blue, I had to crank up the Goose and get the heck outta there. By that time I was five miles from Natchez state park and the sun was setting. The helpful park ranger hooked me up with a good spot for a tent and the previous campers on spot #18 left a big pile of firewood. Finally on day 38 of the trip, I got to sit down and lose myself in my thoughts as I stared at a perfect campfire.



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