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Austin, Ft.Worth, Texas

Day 48 200 miles south to Austin

No continental breakfast! What! The day before the lady at the Texas Hotel in Ft. Worth told me that they’ll have breakfast in the morning and that the place has wi-fi. She gladly took my money for the room without letting me know that I’ll be dooped. I walked down stairs from room 19 to discover a coffee pot and that was it. I thought about jumping behind the counter and putting a skillet in her hand, after all, the room wasn’t exactly cheap. The wi-fi was non existant and several times during my stay I made my way to the front desk to see what was up with it. She gave me some bogus codes that got me nowhere. The bright side of the whole ordeal was that I had a chance to head into the rustic looking stockyards to find a hearty breakfast. It’s that time of year where all of the little towns are decorating for the Christmas season. Ft. Worths stockyards are no different. In fact the Christmas decorations, the cowboyish theme, and the brick roads make the whole place feel like you’re walking into the past. I ended up finding some grub at the H3 Hotel restaurant which was a bit more pricey than I was looking for. It happened to be the only place open within reasonable walking distance and the Goose was still covered and locked from the night before. With a full belly and camcorder in hand I strolled around the stockyards to snap some pics before leaving town. I had mixed feelings about seeing Dallas while I was in the area. I’m in no way a cowboys fan, but I kind of wanted to see the stadium. Big Cities are expensive though, so I decided to just head out of town and leave Dallas as a thing to see in the future. Originally I planned to go there and see an old friend, but I haven’t had any luck tracking him down.

The flight path for the day was 35w south. One straight ass shot right into Austin. 187 miles of rural Texas with a town mixed in here and there. I passed through Waco on my way. I thought about searching for the area where David Koresh started that cult and brain washed all of the poor people while I was passing through Waco, but that would’ve put me in Austin at night and it’s no fun riding a new city at night on a motorcycle. I made a few stops to fuel up, grab something to chew on, and scratch my head. After the ride today I’m convinced that I need a bandana to hold my hair down so that my head doesn’t itch so much. Right at sunset I arrived in Austin only to be met with the worst traffic of the trip that I’ve faced so far. It took about one hour to travel three miles and by that time it was as dark as it was going to get. I was in a new city at night without a place to stay again. Ughhhh. The  plan was to camp at Mckinny Falls state park just south  of  Austin. Usually there are road signs pointing the way to the state parks from the interstate if the parks are close by. Mckinney Falls is as close to a city as you’ll get according to the map. 35 south doesn’t have a sign posted for it so I drove about five miles right on passed it. At one point I knew I went to far so I stopped at a Burger King for some wi-fi and a local told me that I had to back track. By this time the last thing I wanted to do was go back into that traffic to get to this state park so I found another Americas Best Value Inn and got a room. The Indian guy behind the counter liked that I was traveling solo on a bike and gave me $20 off the standard price without me having to ask. Hell Yeah! I stayed in the room the rest of the evening and messed around with google earth for a while. The long miles and wind pretty much wore me out.


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