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Gruene, Texas

Day 50! A soggy stall out

My campsite at the Huaco Springs RV park is located right on the bank of the Guadalupe River. Some tame, little, feathered friends came right up to me as soon as I unzipped my tent to help me celebrate fifty days on the road. I’m really not sure what species of duck they were, but they were brave, and they didn’t look like the mallards that I’m used to. One was some sort of speckled duck and the one he was palling around with was some sort of all white duck with an oddly down-curved beak. With no official duck food, I whipped out my bag of trail mix and tossed some peanuts and raisins their way. I don’t think they liked the peanuts at first, but I guess they grew on them. I doubt they find many peanuts along the Guadalupe, or raisins for that matter. Hell I’m not sure what a ducks diet even consists of.  When I put the bag away they lost interest and waddled back into the green Guadalupe.  It was an appropriate day to be a  duck since it rained the whole day and showed no sign of letting up. My tent is completely exposed to the elements and I hate packing it away wet, so I decided to just stay another day. The price of $15 a day isn’t a budget breaker. I may just wait out the storm here in the little town of Gruene. It is supposed to rain for the next two days solid. The storm is covering my route west too and I think I could ride for two days and still be stuck in it. There’s not much to do here in the off-season, so I may just lay low and relax for once. Perhaps tomorrow will be different.

I didn’t do a darn thing until about 5:30pm when I made my way a mile up the road to River Road Icehouse. Here in Texas a lot of bars are called icehouses. Not really sure why. The plan was to just hang out, get some dinner, and meet some locals. I ordered a pizza and shared the crust with the two in-house dogs that call the bar home. I met a fella named Dusty Doty who asked about my trip. When I told him that I was headed to Big Bend National Park next, he called his dad who is a motorcycle rider, to get some advice for me about traveling that way. I told him that I’ve been concerned about traveling in that part of Texas. His dad recommended some towns to visit and filled me in on the ones to pass by. Dusty told me that his dad drove out to Big Bend a few times this year and had no issues. I felt a lot better after hearing from someone who’s been there and done that recently. There is a fine line between restricting yourself due to fear and traveling wisely. If I take nothing else from this trip, I’d like to at least show up in WV next year a much wiser traveler. Another hour or so passed and the first band of the evening cranked up.  They were called the Phillip Thomas band and played some music I’ve heard before and mostly music off of their own albums. They were there to open up for the Curtis Grimes band. Curtis’s band was picked as a number one talent from a contest that Kenny Chesney put on in Austin according to a gal I met named Emily, who was a local.  I can see why they won. The band and singer gelled very well and he was very clear on the mic. A bit later on that girl Emily and her friend Laura shared a table with me since there weren’t to many spots left in the room. While sitting there a chick named Shawna came over to me and grabbed my hands and persuaded me to dance with her. It’s not that I didn’t want to dance with her, I was apprehensive because everyone down here does these moves where they spin each other around, keep perfect timing, and are dressed in their best cowboy/cowgirl attire. She took it easy on me and actually taught me how to do the basic Texas two-step. Her and I danced a few more times and then Luara decided to dance with me to help me fight off a lack of rhythm. I tried like hell to keep time with her. I’m not sure if it was the whiskey or the paleness of my skin, but I was struggling. Man I had a blast trying though. The night concluded with Shawna and I dancing to the last song and I even managed a to twirl her around once as the song was ending.


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One thought on “Day 50! A soggy stall out

  1. Get down turn around, boot scoot boogie :p

    Posted by brittany | December 3, 2011, 5:38 pm

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