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Gruene, Huaco Springs, Texas

Days 51, 52 Wet and Wild, but mostly wet

It just rained for three days straight. When I think of Texas I think of dry arid land full of desert landscapes or maybe large ranches with cacti. I didn’t expect to experience more rain in Texas than any other state that I’ve been in. Washington would have been my number one bet if I were to guess what state I’d see the most rain in. This storm was so big that even if I packed up my tiny tent and headed west a few hundred miles, I’d still be in it. The decision to stick around at Huaco Springs campground and wait it out was an easy one to make. It also gave me a chance to get to know a few of the locals a little better also.

Day 51 started out with some coffee and wi-fi up at the campground store. The lady behind the counter, Laquita, and I chatted for a while. Her and her husband live on River Road, which is the road that Huaco Springs is located on. It has to be one of the neatest little stretches of road that I’ve ridden so far. The road itself is a thin curvy road with picturesque views of the Guadalupe river and surrounding hills. Caves and cliffs are everywhere. The only way not to see one is to close your eyes. The people who inhabit the area have set there little houses up in village like communities with outfitters being the big business. I ended up riding the road four times in two days because I liked it so much. I really didn’t have any plans during the day light hours. I rode to town in the rain to just get away from the close quarters of my tent. On my way back to camp, I stopped in at the River Road Icehouse to see who won the trip to Jamaica that I signed up for the previous night. When I walked in I was shocked to see Emily and Laura still there and still wearing the same clothes as the night before. We wasted no time sharing some laughs and a few cold ones. Rarely does something like this happen so I took the opportunity to get a pic of them. When they tried to leave the night before they got in a bit of an ordeal with their car and didn’t make it home. They stayed with a friend just few miles down the road from the bar, and came back to the Icehouse to wait on a tow truck. The timing was perfect for meeting up again, so we made plans to hang out again later on. Later on came and went and I wanted to see this place called Billys Icehouse that everyone was telling me about. An 80’s cover band was scheduled to play. Perfect I thought. Laura and Emily decided to stay in and recover from there long night of debauchery, so I chilled out there and was gonna take it easy until this feller named Jimbo walked in that I met earlier at the Roadhouse. He and some friends congregated around me and I had some new people to celebrate with. Another old friend/nemesis showed up also. His name is Jack Daniels and he likes to show up when everything is perfect and make me get loose. Between Jimbo and his clan, and Jack and free Redbull, I got as loose as pocket change. The band rocked with their 80’s big hair, tight leathers and wailing ballads. I shook a leg for hours. I’m not to proud of what happened next though. I have an overindulgence issue with alcohol.  I met this guy and two of his friends and we  planned to go to their place to party some more after Billys closed. He said I could ride with him and we would meet his friends over there. I left the Goose at Billys Icehouse and took off with someone I don’t even know although we did just hang out for a few hours. Somehow along the way he managed to attempt a U-turn on a dirt road and we got his old Ford truck stuck in a foot of mud. There I was on some back road in Texas at about 2am with a guy who I didn’t know (still can’t remember his name) waiting on a tow truck. A half hour later we got towed out and I sobered up enough to navigate my way back to the tent. I really have a drinking issue and I want to get over it. Maybe by writing it down on here for everyone to see will help me stay away from the bottle. Wish me luck.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of rain still saturating everything around me. I was soooo hungover. Somehow I managed to squeak out a shower  and a bite to eat. And den! And then I fell asleep in the tent for about four hours. I came to life again around 3pm. The only thing on the agenda was to  go see Canyon Lake.  It’s a pretty big, man-made lake about a dozen miles from my campsite. The Goose carried my nauseous arse up there. I stopped at a Foxes Pizza Den on the way to fill the gut. They have a wall with a few hundred, one dollar bills covering it. The guy at the register gave me a sharpie so I could add my own one dollar donation. I drew a pathetic looking shape of West Virginia and put my website on the dollar before stapling it to the wall. Maybe one day I’ll go back to see it still hanging there.  After that I made my way up to the lake, snapped a bunch of pics and went back to the tent for a long, cold, wet, night.


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One thought on “Days 51, 52 Wet and Wild, but mostly wet

  1. Wow, we even joked that the Texas drought would end when you showed up! Hang in there and stay motivated!

    Posted by mx92 | December 5, 2011, 10:05 pm

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