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Gruene, Huaco Springs, San Antonio, Texas

Day 53 So long to Greune, Hello Alamo

Man I didn’t want to come out of the sleeping bag the morning of Day 53. It was cold, but for the first time in a few days it wasn’t raining. I had make my escape from the campground and get on the road again. Get while the getting was good you know. When I unzipped the old kelty tent to face the day I was also faced with another pair of ducks that I’ve heard about, but have yet to see. Rosy, a permanant RVer at Huaco Springs, told me about these ducks a day before. These guys were wild looking. She said they were Egyptian geese. They have the dark markings around there eyes that resemble an ancient egyptian pharaoh. Im not sure how they made it all the way from the Nile River to the Guadalupe, but they looked content in their new home lol. I snapped some pics from a distance since these guys were not quite as tame as the other ones a few days before. After that I wasted no time loading the Goose up and the geese kept there big egyptian eyes on me until I rode off.  A brief stop at the campground store to bid my farewells to Laquita and Rosy and I was bound for the big city of San Antonio. On the way I met a fellow named Jim who is a Yamaha enthusiast at a Burger King along 35 south. He came over to me to talk about FZ1’s. Jim was the first person that I’ve met on the trip that knew what my bike was on the first guess. I get a lot of “Is that a BMW?”. To which I say “Nope. That’s a $2500 Yamaha FZ1”. I’m surprised just how many people aren’t familiar with the bike. Jim was very familiar though and he told me one thing that I’m glad to know. His opinion is that the 1st generation FZ1’s are better than the 2nd generation ones and he has experience with both. He and I exchanged emails and I was officially off to San Antone.

Two things in San Antonio are in my 1000 places to see book. The Alamo is one and River Walk is the other and both provided an excellent experience. I made it rather easily right into downtown and to a parking area a few blocks from both attractions. The Alamo was priority number one since I didn’t know how much time it would take to explore the grounds. When I arrived there, I knew very little about the historic signifigance of the building. The Alamo started out as a mission way back in 1724.  Missionaries used the building as a place to convert native Indians to christianity. It became a fort in the early 1800’s and became most famous on February 23, 1836 when a rather small group of very brave men tried to fight off a massive attack by the Mexican army. Unfortunatly the men were outnumbered and lost their lives. Their cause was not in vain though, and because of their actions against overwhelming odds, Texans can always feel proud knowing how hard a few fought for their liberty. One of the most interesting things that I did not know before going there is that Davy Crockett, the famed frontiersman, fought at the battle of the Alamo. Since it is now a museum, you can see many of his own belongings along with hundreds of other artifacts from the battle. I was humbled walking through those doors. On a side note, they didn’t allow any photography inside of the buildings.

Next I went to the River Walk. I had no idea what to expect of it before I got there. I knew there would be some shops and bars there, but what exactly was the River Walk? Well what it is, is one of the neatest little places that I’ve ever seen. Basically it’s a canal bordered by a rustic looking stone, concrete, and brick sidewalks on each side. It is lined by some of San Antonios finest buildings. The whole thing is sunken down below the normal street level and features little arched bridge after little arched bridge. You couldn’t get more neat than this place. If you put San Antonio’s River Walk in Charleston, South Carolina you would reach character and charm perfection. Huge cypress trees, jammed packed with Christmas lights, watch over you as you weave your way down one side and back the other. Not wanting to spend any money, I didn’t happen to go into any of the bars or restuarants, but man on a weekend night  I bet that place is awesome. Boat tours drift down the canal and add a Venetian feel to the place, although I’ve never been to Venice. I couldn’t put my camera down as I walked through and that explains the larger than normal amount of pics for this post. I will visit this place again when I have more loot.

From San Antonio I stopped just outside of town at a Bass Pro Shop/Outdoor World to get some bear spray. I’ll be spending around a week in mountain lion country in Big Bend National Park in a few days and I’d like to be able to hike without becoming food for one of the big cats. I know it’s extremely rare, but so is winning the lottery, and it happens. I also picked up a warming blanket for a few bucks that I can crawl in first before my sleeping bag if it gets to cold. I’ve been caught off guard by just how cold it is in Texas in the Winter. Going south to Florida seems to be about the only place that I know, in the continental US,  where you can skip the chilly season. I miss Key West! After Bass Pro shop,  I settled in a room a few miles down 10 west for the night.


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