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New Mexico, Roswell

Day 68 Frustration, Catching up, and Christmas Shopping

Last night was COLD! I had to pull what I’m calling, the groundhog maneuver, and get all the way into the sleeping bag and pull the drawstring tight. Once I did that I was nice and warm, but then I started feeling claustrophobic and  I would have to let a bit of air there with me. Repeat that cycle for a few hours and add a flat air mattress to the equation and you end up with a fairly restless night. I might have squeaked out 4 hours of sleep, tops. I was glad to see the sunshine when it rose up over the farmer’s field next to the campground. That meant that I could just go ahead and get the day started and forget about trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. First on the agenda was coffee, and second was to overcome the woes from the internet issues that I faced the day before. Since the campgrounds internet failed me, I decided to go to the place with the most reliable internet known to man. McDonalds. I thought I’d get there upload those pics again and write up a post in no time. It wasn’t meant to be though. I got there and wrote up the 1400 and some odd words in yesterday’s post and then. And den! IT HAPPENED. Something went haywire with McDonalds internet connection. Being forced out of there after having just spent and solid hour typing, I headed back to the campground to give their connection one more shot. I thought “At least I got the typing part finished. Now all I have to do is upload the pics again.” Back at camp, I unfolded the laptop, linked to the internet, logged in and found the post that I just wrote. Much to my dismay, wordpress.com’s autosave feature stopped saving my draft of the post at 600 words. MUTHER FEKK! I was ready to slam the laptop on the ground! That meant that, not only would I have to retype the 800 words it didn’t save, but I still had to take about an hour and a half to upload the pictures I wanted to use. Talk about frustrating. I’m putting everything I have into recording this trip the best I can and to have these little glitches holding me up, just sucks. Eventually, on a very empty stomach, I took a couple deep breaths and put my nose to the grindstone and got the dang post finished. All in all it took about five hours of my life just to do one post.

With that bit of whining in the past it was time to get on with the day. I had some errands to run. First I needed to knock out some Christmas shopping for the family and then I had to go through all my gear and decide what to send home with the Christmas gifts. I’d love to describe where I went to get the presents and what they are, but since the family will read this, I have to leave that a secret. With gifts in the side boxes I headed back to camp to sort through the gear to find things that I’m just not using. I’ve been carrying a pair of toe shoes, my riding boots, and a pair of regular shoes that I haven’t been wearing so they were the first to go. The air mattress was next. That thing has one patch in it already and despite several attempts, I can’t find where it’s leaking now so I’m sending it home too. I’ve held onto some brochures, notes, and maps that I won’t need for the rest of the trip so they made the list of things going home and finally I’ve been carrying my old Sony Handycam that I haven’t used once on this trip and since I just bought the new Canon, the Samsung camcorder, Ojo, is going home too. After gathering up everything, I found the  local UPS store and shipped it all back to West, By God, Virginia. I can’t wait for my family to get their gifts.

By that time a whole day was pretty much in the books and night was falling. A quick stop by Roswells Wal-Mart to get a camping pad to replace the air mattress was in order. I also bought a few more butane cartons for cooking and some bread for PB and J’s. As  I walked out I noticed that even Wal-Mart had aliens painted on their windows. This lead me on a short journey around town to do some alien hunting. I wanted to get a feel for which companies are advertising with aliens and it would also be some good night-time practice with the new Canon. I found about a half-dozen businesses using aliens to grab customers attention and I think it’s great. The town of Roswell has even outfitted its streetlights with green glass globes on top featuring black painted eyes. I like the spirit of the townspeople for going the extra mile to promote a bit of enjoyment. When the alien hunting was complete, I made my way back to camp, cooked up some Ramen noodles and ended my day with another groundhog maneuver.

(Forgot to mention that one of the campground owners, Debbie, suggested that I move my tent under the three sided pavilion so that it wouldn’t  be so exposed to the wind. I took her up on that and moved it before I went to the UPS store.)

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