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Big Bend, Chisos, Gruene, Luckenbach, Texas

Day 71 Hibernation

My eyes opened, feet traveled to the motel rooms window, hand slowly opened the curtain, eyes reluctantly recorded the weather conditions. My fate was sealed. Snow that had been forecast had arrived. An inch was already on the roads. It was only 7am though. Checkout time was 11am and perhaps it would be safer to travel by then. I patiently waited until checkout time to scope out the road conditions again. I was stranded. The Gooses rear tire is getting pretty bald and to go out in those conditions would have been certain doom, so I sucked it up, rented the room again and basically vegetated all day. It was nice though. I got caught up on a bunch of things that I’ve been putting off because I haven’t wanted this fantastic lifestyle to be interrupted, not even for a second. I left the room once for coffee, once for pizza, and once for ice cream. That was it, a day in a nutshell.

Here are a few vids from the road that I haven’t had the time to upload until yesterday. The first one is from Big Bend, Chisos Basin with the mountains towering all around me.This vid is from the famous ghost town porch in Terlingua. Not the clearest day though.

This one is from the ridge overlooking the Sierra Del Carmen mountains 15 miles away in Mexico.

This one is from my first day in Big Bend before I arrived at Rio Grande Village. It was my first time seeing the Sierra Del Carmens. (in the distance)

This one if from Luckenbach Texas. It pretty much shows all of the buildings that make up this legendary place.

This one is from Gruene Texas. That little raccoon was digging for worms or grubs in the perfect little lawn.

This one is Berry Beckindorf and some band mates playing a Robert Johnson song inside the saloon at Luckenbach. Much better live. My camera wasn’t able to do the scene justice.

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I'm a fella who finally let the inner traveler come out. A non-standard sort.


2 thoughts on “Day 71 Hibernation

  1. Whos the other bike? I like that sticker on the front of the goose

    Posted by Green Bean | December 24, 2011, 1:04 pm
    • Well, I just met that fella this morning as I was pulling out of the parking lot to head for Arizona. Under the cover is a BMW GS1100 owned by a guy from Sacramento California named Dennis. He is headed to Los Alamos. When I took that pic, I didn’t know what sort of bike it was or who owned it. I guess this may be a spoiler for the next post lol.

      Posted by mikekrabal | December 24, 2011, 3:37 pm

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My name's Mike Krabal and I am from Jefferson County WV. I'm a thirty year old guy who still believes that you can be anything you want to be. I'm on a mission to find out exactly what that is.

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