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Arizona, Jerome, Prescott, Sedona, Winslow

Day 76 Leaving great places to soon.

Prescott Arizona was a pretty little town and I don’t want to take any of its glory away, but oh my God, Jerome and Sedona Arizona are just freaking amazing.  I had the Goose all packed up and ready to make my way out of Prescott to Sedona and then to Flagstaff. I got completely sidetracked in Jerome AZ though. It’s located roughly thirty miles northeast of Prescott off of the amazingly curvy Route 89A. As I was arriving in Jerome and looking around, it seemed familiar. There was no way that I’d ever been there before though. Then it hit me. I’ve seen Jerome on TV twice. The first time was an episode of the Travel Channels, Ghost Adventures when Zak and the guys did a paranormal investigation in one of the towns buildings and the second time I’ve seen Jerome was in a documentary about the rock star and lead singer of the bands, Tool and Perfect Circle, Maynard Kenan. The documentary focused on his new-found fondness for wine and the task of bringing a vineyard to Jerome. Before I left home, I planned to stop by Jerome, but out here on the road, I forgot to plan for it. You can imagine that it was quite the surprise when I accidentally stumbled upon it. Jerome’s terrain is fascinating. The town sits on a few steep terraces on the side of a mountain. A large “J” for Jerome labels the mountain above the town. This is the third time I’ve noticed towns with large white letters on the side of a mountain above a town. Ruidoso, New Mexico was one of the other towns that I passed through that had a labeled mountain. When I arrived in Jerome it was about 1:30 pm and my stomach was on E since I skipped breakfast. I tracked down a burger joint called the English Kitchen and had their BBQ bacon burger. That thing was almost as unreal as the town. Highly recommended. After my million calorie lunch I zig-zagged around town with the Canon and did my best to do it justice. Finding Maynard Kenans wine shop/cellar was also a must. It’s called Caduceus Cellars and is located on the second or third terrace down from the top of the town. I’m not into wine at all, unless we’re talking about me whining about the cold, but having the chance to see his place was a privilege. I’ve always loved his music and from the documentary, one can tell that he is a very laid back and respectable guy. Jerome as great as it is, would have to be my first stop of the day. I wanted to stay, but red rock country was just too alluring.

Red rock country and Sedona weren’t to far away and although day light wasn’t on my side, I headed off to chase another mountain town experience. How can one describe Sedona? Let’s just say I’m not the “one”. Immediately without hesitation it took the honors of being the prettiest place I’ve ever seen. Heaven comes to mind. If not for the touristy vibe of the place, it would be perfection. I wasn’t there to spend any money. I just wanted to see the geological features. Because of Sedona I snapped over 300 pics and after reviewing them, only a few come semi close to doing the amazing little town justice. This is a place that you just have to see for yourself. My visit was little more than a ride through and a few stops to take it all in. Satisfied with the brief time there, I told myself I’ll be back when I have more money (no camping allowed in the area at all), so I pushed on via 89A north to Flagstaff. That was going to be my original stopping point for the day. By that time it was dusk and I still felt like riding even though the temps were plummeting. There is something that I want to do in Winslow AZ, so I fueled up the Goose in Flagstaff, with the plan of visiting tomorrow, and hauled arse on 40 east for 57 miles to Winslow. When I arrived there I found another cheap Motel 6. A short trip to town for some Mexican food and a blanket from Wal-Mart was in order. The blanket will supplement my bag and should help me stay a bit warmer while camping at the Grand Canyon for a couple of weeks. It’s getting close and I can’t wait.

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