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Day 83.5 and 84 One last cold night at the canyon

Day 83.5? That is the other half of the day that I didn’t include in my post two days ago. Basically, I just rode around the Grand Canyon park aimlessly to check out anything that I just haven’t experienced yet. I stopped in to see the Maswik lodge, which I haven’t previously visited. There is a food court in there that covers all of the culinary basics. I managed to scarf down about a pound and a half burrito with rice and black beans on the side. With my gut busted and a bit of sun still hanging around in the sky, I just horsed around, literally. A few hundred feet away, the real workhorses of the park, the mules, are stationed in their three muddy little pins. I had to stop by and check them out. At least they were pinned up and couldn’t trample me like the elk elsewhere in the park. One mule in particular, who was sportin a pretty wicked mohawk, selfishly hogged all of my attention. When another one of his pinned up companions would try to come in for a brief pet, he would lower his head and throw his ears back. I guess that’s donkey language for “Don’t mess with me jackass!” Eventually I was full of all of the farm filled fun I could handle so I made my way back to the tent for one last chilly night at the canyon.

Day 84

I decided to head out of Grand Canyon National Park a few days earlier than planned. The Goose and I traveled every road in the park. One day I will surely return to the giant hole in the earth. For now though, the road was calling and I was answering. My morning consisted of the usual routine with a side of laundry. Once finished with the chores I found 64 south and headed for the park exit. A group of elk made one final appearance for me. This time I was at a safe distance with no chance of experiencing a “When animals attack” moment. I snapped a few pics of the grazers and headed off. My plan for the day was to head to Williams AZ and check out the little town that sits on historic route 66 then ride 66 west to Kingman. Williams is 54 miles due south of the national park entrance. It’s pretty much a straight shot with not a whole lot going on. Right outside of the park is the Grand Canyon airport, where the helicopter rides take off. I hooked a hard right so I could get a few pics of the colorful row of helicopters. I believe the best view of the canyon has to be from the air and on my next visit I’m definitely taking the helicopter ride. After my little stint at the airport I continued south until Fred Flintstone pulled me over. Really what caught my eye was a 25 foot tall Fred Flintstone sign at the Flintstone campground in Valle Az.  It was too, over-the-top, Flintstone-ish to just ride by. It’s to bad that it’s not further away from the canyon because I would have loved to stayed there a night just for the experience. Once my camera was nice and warm from the million of pics I took of the place, I gave a hearty yabba dabba do and headed off toward Williams.

Thirty four miles later I arrived. I did a quick ride down main street, hit up the visitors center and museum and planned to continue my journey. As I was leaving town  I spotted a Motel 6. Just out of curiosity, I stopped in to check the rate. It was only $36. Heck yeah! That changed all of my plans, so got the room and headed downtown to get a better feel for the little town that looks like it hasn’t changed much since the fifties. I walked up and down main street twice and stopped at a  funky little diner for dinner, named Twisters. The menu featured a big bopper burger and I couldn’t resist. After devouring the greasy meal, I strolled over to the other side of the diner, which is a bar, for a brew. I worked on the blog a bit and had a fascinating conversation with the bartender Kirsten about our shared interest in learning multiple languages. By that time the sun had set but it was to early to head back to the room. I stopped in at the Canyon Club to see if I could meet any locals. Most of the evening was spent talking to a Californian couple about the paranormal, Joshua Tree park, travel, music, and life in general. I stayed out late enough to be considered a night owl before returning to the unfamiliar warmth of my room.

(While I was working on the blog at Twisters I ran out of upload space for pictures on the website) Aaahhhhh! I have a few options. I could delete older pics, which I have no intention of doing, or I could get a space upgrade if I can figure out how to do it. I’ll be calling Igor asap for help finding a solution to the picture problem. For now though, I am only able to put up these 8 pics and add text. To date, I’ve uploaded 1,561 pics to the blog.)

(problem solved. $19.95 will get you 10 GB of upload space with wordpress blogs)


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