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Arizona, Lake Havasu

Day 87

Motel 6’s mattress took care of me and there is a good chance that I had the best sleep of the trip here in Lake Havasu. I felt so rested that coffee wasn’t my first thought. This would’ve been a great day to travel, but I was staying put, kind of. The plan was to hunt down Lake Havasu State Park and move my operation from Motel 6 to the park. After that I had no idea what to get into. After missing the sign for the park and traveling 15 miles south to the next state park along the lake, I did a U-ey and headed back to the city limits. Lake Havasu State Park is within the city limits. The sign off of route 95 south doesn’t actually help you find the park though. The sign says Windsor Beach. That’s great if you’re a local, but it doesn’t do shite for an outsider looking for the park, who doesn’t know that Windsor Beach is part of the park because the map doesn’t say so. That was a mouthful. Anyway I eventually tracked it down and popped my tent on campsite 26 for 20 smacks in the ferocious wind. In fact the wind was so bad that I had to move my tent closer to a terraced hill for fear of it not being there when I got back from a walk. One of the rangers told me that the rivers effect on the climate here makes the wind so strong. Once I was all pegged down I checked the campground map for any sort of hiking trail. This park is fairly small and only has one, super easy, nature trail that’s about 1.5 miles. I strapped on the toe shoes, grabbed the Canon, and headed off along the coast of the lake. Honestly the trail was pretty boring. It was over in no time and way to urbanized. I want mountain trails damnit! 🙂 The mountain trails were probably on the other side of Lake Havasu in California’s Whipple mountains. The Californian side looks quite a bit more dramatic than the AZ side. Since the water was to cold to cross and the Goose can’t swim so well, I just settled for looking at the mountains from the campground.  By the time my walk was done it was only 1:30 pm, so I decided to go see what the little retirement city of Lake Havasu had hiding in its streets. I found a big surprise. Before I came here I had no idea that the London Bridge, from the English city of London, was purchased, disassembled piece by piece, and transported to the very young city of Lake Havasu for a whopping $2,460,000.00 in the late 60’s. At first I thought that it was just a replica, but after looking into it at the visitors center, it became clear that the actual London Bridge was indeed moved here. They numbered each piece as they disassembled the bridge, shipped it from London to California via the Panama Canal and trucked it from California to Arizona. What an effort! Total cost including purchasing the bridge was $5.1 million in the late 60’s early 70’s. Lake Havasu also has a small, replica of an English Village which is filled with shops and restaurants. Being Sunday, almost everything was closed and the day was still young so I again had to find something to do.

I just kind of rode around on the Goose in search of something until I found a bar (big surprise) called the Happy Kitty biker bar with some Harleys outside. Why not try my luck again with the biker crowd and see if I could meet some more good folks, even if they did ride Harleys. This crowd was your typical, rice rocket hating, group of Harley riders and I got all of the nice dirty looks, I could handle. I sat there for a few hours, not wanting to go back to the tent and only managed to talk to two people. One was a local fellow named Billie who ended up offering me a free room to stay at in his place if I decided to stay in Lake Havasu on the next night. The only other person I spoke with was the owner of the place who sat beside me. I asked her where they came up with the name Happy Kitty. She said that she also owns another place called the Mad Dog and thought that going opposite was appropriate when they had to find a new name. I know, I know, interesting story right. Well that’s the best I have today. It was one of the least eventful days of the trip so far and I can’t wait to hit the road again. Still beats a cubicle any day!!! I’ll be back to these big lakes in the southwest in warmer weather someday.

Somewhere around 3:30 in the morning I woke up with a dry mouth and thirstier than a camel. Right across the way from my tent was a drinking water pipe. As I was walking over to fill up my bottle I realized that I could just cut my flashlight off. It never really got dark last night. It wasn’t daylight obviously, but I didn’t need the help of any extra light to navigate. The moon was like a baby sun without the heat. It put on a show for me and kept me outside for a while. It was peaceful to say the least.

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