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Boulder City, Nevada

Day 94 Three months and a day

The three month marker just passed me the day before, January 14th, and I forgot to mention it. On October 14th 2011 I clicked the bike into first gear in my brothers driveway with no clue as to how life would be in the immediate future. On November 14th I felt like I was on  an extended vacation and good times were had everyday with an overwhelming feeling of peace. On December 14th  I was still in vacation mode without really thinking about the big picture. New landscapes and experiences were taking my breath away almost daily. Now it is a day past the three-month mark and there has been a change. About two weeks ago vacation mode checked out and has been replaced by preservation mode. Most of this comes from my declining bank account and the rest comes from the awareness that I haven’t made a bit of progress regarding the purpose of this trip. What am I going to do when this is all over? Well I can’t answer that yet. Things have been creeping in though. The first one is motocross. I’m not talking about making another push to become pro someday, but rather, using the best thing that I’ve ever been involved in to save my butt again. Before I found mx as a teen, I was in experiment mode, like many of todays youth. I was drinking too early and fooling around with the wrong things. Then at 17 years old I started racing mx, and until about 21 years old I stopped every negative influence pretty much cold turkey in order to do my best on the track each weekend. I learned about setting and achieving goals, exercising, and socializing with good decent people. Then as a young twenty something it all changed after I let my mx life take a back seat to my nightlife. And that’s the cycle that I desperately want to get out of now. Perhaps if I get myself involved in the motocross industry somehow it can get me back on the right track again. Time will tell. One other thought has been to go back to school in order to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a herpetologist (a biologist who studies reptiles and amphibians). As crazy as it sounds, this thought hits me almost daily and would be a viable option for becoming somewhat happy with a career after this adventure. I’m still extremely fascinated with the scaly critters. The thought of a few years of college at 30 years old is a huge turn off though. I’d like to skip the schooling and become the second coming of the crocodile hunter if I had the accent lol. For now I’ll continue riding across this absolutely great country of ours and hope that this matter will become clearer with time.

As for what I did on good ol’ day 94. To sum it up, it was laundry day. I’m getting very used to wearing my pants three or four days in a row now, but the last straw is dirty socks. When they are all used up, it’s time. Boulder City has one laundromat names Sudz, so I stopped in there to do the deed. While there I used the internet to track down a place to take a shower since my campground lacks shower facilities. Right up the hill from the laundromat was Canyon Trail RV Park and the fellow who runs it was nice enough to open his office for a second on a Sunday (office was closed) to let me get clean. He  charged five bucks which was a deal to me. Lake Mead National Rec Area has showers but they are a 50 mile round trip ride from the campground I’m staying at and that would equal about, I don’t know, maybe $5 in gas. Clean clothes and clean skin and it was time for some grub. Downtown Boulder City is like most of Americas little towns with shops and restaurants in the historic section. I found a pizza joint that was packed due to the playoff games and had a few slices. By that time the sun was setting and I made my way back to the campground for an early night. While there, I was heading down the hill to get some fresh water when a big fat owl flew right in front of me. I ran back to my site to get my camera in hopes that he’d still be perched on the cart when I got back. He was and I tried to creep up on him for some decent shots. It was dark and I made it about 35 feet away before he flew off. That was my  first close encounter of the owl kind and I tell you they look like a big bird with a cat’s head in the dark. Those feathers that point up on the top of their heads look just like cat ears when all you can see is the birds silhouette. Finally the day was finished with 60 more pages of, The Mans Manuel. By reading, I learned how to tell a good suit from a cheap one and how to wear it, how to make a small plane out of match sticks that is powered by flies. Yep flies. What you do is put the flies in a freezer (in a jar) until they are cold then put drops of glue on your plane. Take the flies out of the freezer put them on the glue drops, (in the same direction), breathe warm air on them and watch them take off on that sucker. I’m doing that as soon as I own a refrigerator again! Speaking of flies, I didn’t know that trout will not bite on anything but flies. That’s why fly fishing is such an art. The fake flies that the fisherman make have to look and act exactly like the flies that the trout want to eat. I suppose trout are like my brother, picky eaters. A bit wiser than when I woke up, it was time to turn out the ol’ tent light and catch some Zzzz’s.


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I'm a fella who finally let the inner traveler come out. A non-standard sort.


One thought on “Day 94 Three months and a day

  1. Don’t worry, you still have three quarters of the trip in front of you. You’ll figure it out. I don’t believe in fate, but some of the key changes my life were based on a combination of dumb luck and being at the right place at the right time. When the right opportunity arises, all you have to do is reach out and seize it!

    Posted by igordmitry | January 17, 2012, 10:28 am

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