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Las Vegas, Nevada

Day 96 Quality time in Vegas

Quality time in Vegas sounds like some sort of oxymoron. Time in Las Vegas is usually described with terms like wild, crazy, blasted, or blurry. My day began around noon due to the previous nights wild, crazy, blasted and blurry time. The folks had some breakfast delivered to the Panoramic Suite and unfortunately I missed it. Not to worry though, there is plenty of food in Las Vegas. Most of the midday was spent just kind of third wheeling it with the fam. They did a bit of gambling and I did a bit of watching. Vegas provides plenty to see and do, but that was a secondary concern for me. I just wanted to spend some quality time with them.  Just before dusk we packed into a music-less cab and rode over to the Rio Hotel and Casino for a huge seafood buffet. The Alaskan crab legs didn’t stand a chance. Everyone pigged out on anything from duck to corn on the cob to swordfish. I stuck solely to the crustaceans, not only because I love crab meat, but I was going to get Tomato Joes monies worth. Thanks again guys for sponsoring this homeless wanderer some food. We made our way out of the Mardi Gras themed hotel right after dark and hailed a taxi. Little did anyone know, we were about to receive the most educational cab ride of our lives. The cab driver was a Native American descendent,  a writer, traveler, and all around intelligent fellow. For the ten minutes that we were in the cab I didn’t hardly say a thing because this guy was fascinating and speaking my language. Just about everything he mentioned was a huge interest of mine. My brother said to me afterward that “Between you and him, there are more useless facts than one can handle.” (maybe not an exact quote but pretty close) By that time we were back at Planet Hollywood where everyone prepared to go see a Terry Fator show. Terry Fator is a ventriloquist, which according to them, has a show good enough to split some sides, make you cry laughing, and come out of there with sore abs. My budget won’t allow for that sort of spending now so I chilled out in their suite, did a post and tried to squeeze out a quick nap. After the show everyone split up to try their luck again at the machines. I tagged along with Shane and watched him gain and lose some greenbacks.  A bit later we joined up again to decide where the rest of the night would go. I was extremely tired and really wasn’t into partying down, so after a brief discussion we decided to skip a night out on the town and instead, Shane tried his hand at the black jack table while I stood watch, trying to learn a thing or two. I’m so not a gambler. Eventually the night got the best of me and I called it a night at around 1 am.

Since I’m not sure when I’ll see them again I really didn’t want to drink anything. That way the moment could last as long as possible. The night before, although really fun, was over way to quick. My brother and I are really close and even a few months apart can’t damage our relationship. He is very understanding and I’m sure, by this time in life, he is not surprised at all that I’m involving myself in this sort of  adventure. I ended day 96 without a drop to drink in Las Vegas. That’s a display of will power that’s worth mentioning.


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I'm a fella who finally let the inner traveler come out. A non-standard sort.


2 thoughts on “Day 96 Quality time in Vegas

  1. You and Shane always were the best friends and race buddies to hang out with. I found a old vhs tape from 2001 at Happy Ramblers with all of us in it. Me, you, shane, johnson, paul, ect. We all looked like little kids

    Posted by ktmrider848 | January 19, 2012, 9:22 am

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