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Day 101 Slow Sunday

After Supercross at Dodger Stadium I made it back to my tent and was wiped out. Being that tired, I thought I’d fall asleep right away, but the Santa Monica mountains were just cold enough that I had to get all the way in the sleeping bag and just couldn’t get comfortable. I’m guessing I fell asleep around 3am. My morning started at 7am. Lovely. I can’t sleep when it’s bright out. You could say that I’m anti-nocturnal. The rather unamusing day quickly changed when my campground neighbor, and fellow motorcyclist Al, walked over to say hello. He and his wife are on a four-month tour around the states in their truck and trailer setup. They left Chicago on November 28th and are planning to return at the end of March. I liked Al. He and I got along good and even though he rode a Harley he didn’t look down on me. I was curious as to how he had made the time for himself and his wife to travel for four months out of the year. He was older than me, but clearly not at retirement age. Al told me that he owns a small-scale landscaping operation back in Chicago. Whether it’s landscaping or any other sort of work, I think the key to having more than average free time is to be in charge. He didn’t mind putting in the hours of labor that was required to get him that long annual vacation and I wouldn’t either. He mentioned some great roads to ride in the northern states including the bear tooth highway. A ton of folks along the way have told me about that stretch of road and now it’s a can’t miss. Al and I ended up chatting for about 20 minutes before I finished loading up the Goose and took off for Malibu again.

I knew that Malibu had a McDonalds right on the ocean and I knew that the wi-fi there couldn’t be worse than the wi-fi at the McDonalds on day 100. I stopped in for coffee and tried out that oatmeal, fruit and walnut bowl that they have. I don’t like to right about making these posts up, but this was a more than interesting time to be in a McDonalds in Malibu. All was nice and peaceful until this older lady, clearly schizophrenic and off of her meds, walked in, sat down, and began having a loud conversation with the voices. At one point she bent over to tie her shoe and while in the squatting position, looking at the floor, she yelled, “EAT!” Some unsuspecting folks sat next to her  and about ten minutes into their breakfast she looked over at them and said “I’m sorry I’ll go get that hamburger for you right now”. They were perplexed.  Once she announced  “Tickets would be on sale right here tomorrow morning” in a loud enough voice for everyone in the dining area to look. I did my best to be respectful and not get involved and I wasn’t even going to write about the encounter. As I was typing I was sitting, facing her, on the opposite corner of the dining area. She then picked me out of the crowd. DARN! She began making, typing like movements, and typewriter sounds with her hands and mouth and laughing hysterically while looking right at me. I ignored it and it eventually stopped and she was back to talking about something else. When I left she was still there and still going strong.

I set a goal for the day. I wanted to go see the Pro-Circuit race shop in Corona California, about 60 miles inland. I left Malibu and took the Pacific Coast Highway for twenty miles south and jumped on the freeway for the rest of the trip. Along the way I rode right past  Angels Stadium in Anaheim. Supercross will be coming back to Anaheim in two weeks for the 5th round of the series. I may go again, not sure yet. Then it was on to Corona and the Pro Circuit shop. I found it and was disappointed when I walked up and tugged on the door only to realize that it was locked. Right at that moment I realized it was Sunday. Traveling like this, with no scheduled workweek, often leaves me not knowing what day of the week it is. My original plan was to visit the shop, snag some pictures and head west to Huntington beach for some camping. That all changed due to the shop being closed. I needed to stay in Corona one more night if I were to see the inside of the shop and meet the folks that work there. After unsuccessfully finding a campground nearby that would let me set up a tent, I tracked down Coronas motel 6 just before 4pm and checked in. By that time I was exhausted anyway from lack of sleep. I had not showered since Saturday morning, (skipped it Sunday morning because it was cold out and Malibu State Park only has cold showers) and I was smelling pretty ripe. The rest of my evening was spent in the room, researching how to get sponsored and watching the last two quarters of the 49ers and Giants game. I’ve added a page to the blog called “Seeking Sponsorship”. If anyone out there knows the ins and outs of becoming sponsored or has been in my shoes before, please sent me a shout.


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I'm a fella who finally let the inner traveler come out. A non-standard sort.


2 thoughts on “Day 101 Slow Sunday

  1. Hi,
    Sounds like a fun trip, and it’s always nice when people walk over and say hello in a camping ground, they sound like a very nice couple.

    Thank You very much for visiting my blog.

    Posted by magsx2 | January 23, 2012, 1:01 pm
  2. Mike … i will be in Los Angeles tomorrow Tues. 24 Jan. and will be there until Saturday. I will be working during the day but am interested in meeting up with you .. if you have time. Mickey

    Posted by Mickey | January 23, 2012, 5:06 pm

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