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California, Corona

Day 102 Corona and the moto fix

From my title for day 102 you may think that I’ve been drinking and working on the Goose, but the Corona I’m talking about is the city of Corona California and the moto fix is how I’m describing my rainy day exploration of all the cool mx related businesses in the town. I didn’t plan to stay in Corona for another complete day. Instead I planned to visit the Pro-Circuit race shop and then head north back to San Bernandino to a state park that’s located near there. My plan was modified in typical fashion at check-out time when I decided to rent my room again at the Motel 6 due to the relentless rain. I knew my wet weather set up is just, ok, and it was warm enough that I wouldn’t suffer if I took off  north. I knew my feet would be soaked due to the lack of boot covers. All of that was tolerable if I decided to travel away from Corona. What kept me there for one more full day was the danger I’d be putting myself in, getting on an interstate here in So. Cal. with all of the crazy drivers. Dave, from Chapparal, told me a few days ago to be careful as I headed into the LA  area because everyone drives at 80mph or faster and they act like they are competing for the win of a nascar race. He also said that they have no regard for motorcyclists. Most of this I have witnessed first hand and I’ve only been here a few days. He was right.

I started my morning out by finishing some unfinished business. Despite the rain, I suited up and made my way, via side roads, through Corona to the Pro-Circuit race shop for that moto fix. You may be asking why a guy who has ridden everyday for the past 101 days needs a moto fix. Well the answer to that would be that I’ve been riding a street bike and it just isn’t the same. For my short thirty year existence, I haven’t found anything quite like riding motorcycles offroad, slamming corners, and getting some sweet air time. Although the Goose and I have been airborne on a few set of railroad crossings, I still yearn for the real thing. Everyday that passes, I miss my mx bikes more. Getting back to Pro-Circuit. They are a big deal and a force to be reckoned with at any big race in the country. A fella named Mitch Payton owns the place. His hard work and dedication to the sport has rewarded him with bragging rights that some of the factory teams can’t even claim. One walk through the Pro-Circuit sales floor, if you are a fan of the sport, will make you get all starry-eyed and kid like again. After asking permission, I snapped pics like a madman. The mid-sized showroom is so full of mx greatness that it’s hard to wrap your head around. I marinated in it for a bit and was just about to inquire about a behind the scenes tour of the race shop when a dozen British fellows walked in and overwhelmed the place. At that time the guy behind the counter had his hands full, so I geared up and headed for the next rainy destination, the Monster Energy warehouse.

My reason for going there was to investigate what path I’d need to take to get sponsored by them. The overly friendly guard at the warehouse gate sent me down the street to the Monster Energy corporate headquarters. There I told the receptionist what I was doing and asked who I needed to talk to, to inquire about sponsorship. She gave me a card for consumer relations, and a free energy drink, and sent me on my way. On the way from there I was distracted by the Race Tech motorcycle suspension headquarters. (my motel 6 is located right beside a giant industrial complex where all of these places can be found). I squished and squeaked my way into the Race-Tech lobby. The three employees immediately stopped what they were doing and focused their attention on the, very wet, crazy guy who just walked in. (me) I looked back at them and said “I really don’t have any reason for being here other than to ask if you guys have any stickers.” They all laughed and very kindly handed me 7 or 8 Race Tech stickers. Nice folks. After that place I was again distracted by a bike shop called the “Pit King”. There I walked in and met the owner of his, one man operation, Eric Campbell. Eric and I talked for a bit about business, the economy, desert riding, mx industry jobs, and my journey. He was such a genuine guy and was nice enough to hook me up with two more stickers. He has a website, but said that it’s down at the moment. Hopefully he’ll get it going again soon. From what I told him about my blog, he directed me to a mx magazine office just down the street and said that he wasn’t sure if they were still in business or not. It was close and worth a shot to see if they could use a contributing hand, so I rode over. The middle eastern fella that answered the door informed me that MX Illustrated hasn’t been in that building for about four years. Oddly enough the sign was still hanging on the outside of the building. I wonder what sort of business he is running where he has the loot to rent that size building, but doesn’t need his own sign to get customers. Seemed pretty sketchy to me.

That completed my moto journey around Corona in the rain. I made it back to Motel 6 just before dark and gave the Monster Energy consumer relations department a ring to not only seek sponsorship, but to learn the process. A nice lady named Linda was patient enough to listen to my babble, but politely declined my request. She informed me that Monster only sponsors professional athletes and events, not trips, although she gets requests for trip sponsorships all the time. I asked for some advice for a guy in my shoes and she said to try the other brands of energy drinks. I’m chalking it up as a learning experience and not a failure. After that my day concluded with some laundry and research on-line.


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