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California, Manhattan Beach

Day 105 Beach bum

Staying here in Manhattan Beach with Mickey, is a nice change of pace. My body gets to take a break from the bike for a couple of days and I get a bed to sleep in without the stress of waking up and blitzing out the door before checkout time. The temperature has been in the low eighties around here, and for January, you can’t beat that. If I had the loot, I’d plant roots right here until late March. Mickey heads to work around 7am and doesn’t arrive back at the room until 5pm. That gives me a whole day to try to keep myself busy. Luckily in an area so pretty, with so much laid back energy, I don’t have to look  far to find something to get into.

Once I woke up from a really solid nights sleep, I brewed a few cups of coffee and busted out a post. Then it was off to Target for breakfast and a new toothbrush. Twice on this trip, I’ve left my toothbrush behind when I left a room. My hurried packing overwhelms my thought process and some little things get left out. No worries though, this is the land of resources and a toothbrush is never far away. Back at the room and approaching lunch time, I decided to explore the beach front around Manhattan Beach. My aimless exploration landed me in Hermosa Beach, south of Manhattan Beach. I parked the Goose and went on foot from there. Around here, one beach town blends into the next. One tan surfer or skinny little blonde blends in well also. One redheaded biker with boots,holy  jeans, and pasty white skin doesn’t blend in at all. I’ve never felt like I needed new clothes and a tan more in my life. One other important accessorie in the Los Angeles beachfront communities is the skateboard. Man, I can’t believe how many folks are skateboarding. It doesn’t matter if they are five or fifty, man or woman. People are skate boarding everywhere out here and believe it or not, roller blades aren’t dead yet. I’ve seen plenty of those too. The vibe is so surreal to me. It’s like a bunch of adults who never grew up. I think with a little more time in the sun and the coolest pair of shorts on that money can buy, I’d fit right in. Who wants to grow up anyway. That’s no fun. While in Hermosa Beach I tracked down a gnarly little pizza joint for some lunch. (Notice my use of gnarly. I’m changing already) Two slices, a salad and a drink for $6 bucks. That is a deal anywhere in California.

After lunch I was heading back to the room when I noticed a Pep Boys. I thought “This would be a perfect time to bust out an oil change”. I haven’t changed the oil since Fort Stockton Texas and it was long overdue. With three quarts of the cheapest oil they sold, ($5 a quart) I made my way back to the Residence Inn to replace the Gooses black gold. It was still hours before Mickey got off and the only plan I had was to head back to the beach to catch the sunset, so I had to find something to get into. “Why not workout?” I thought. I did twenty minutes of moves that I could remember from my P90X days. That’s not bad for a guy who has grown softer each day on the road. When I left in October, I was a month into the Insanity workout program and in pretty good shape. Now I get winded just staring at the hotties running around So Cal. My button pushing fingers are about the only things that have gotten any exercise on the trip. After my workout, I still had a ton of time, so I looked up the person in charge of sponsorship from the Stanley Tools corporation and gave him a ring. Still haven’t heard anything back.

Finally by that time, Mickey was off and I suggested that we go catch the sun before it disappears into the ocean. The colors are just phenomenal out here and I really enjoy trying to take decent pictures now. He agreed and off we went to the Manhattan Beach coastline. The darn traffic kept us from actually seeing the sun go down, but the colors were still brilliant. We checked out the beach for a bit then grabbed some diner at the Rock Fish restaurant. There I had the best pulled pork sandwich of my life. Mickey ordeedr prawns for an appetizer (my first time ever trying those). They were great, diner was great, the day couldn’t be anymore relaxing, and it was perfectly warm outside. Why can’t they all be like this?

Side note* The blog broke 50,000 views yesterday and I just want to thank everyone who has checked out my story. I wish you all were here with me. Thank you.

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I'm a fella who finally let the inner traveler come out. A non-standard sort.


2 thoughts on “Day 105 Beach bum

  1. Congratulations on the 50,000 blog views. I told you so, & your photos are getting better each day. Keep up the good work! Great warm weather & a slower pace makes a differance in your attitude. Looking forward to tomorrows blog. Your friend Bob Hearn P.S. Don’t give up on a sponser.

    Posted by Asa Bob Hearn | January 28, 2012, 8:55 am
    • Thanks a lot Bob. It is quite humbling to get that many views. When I left home I didn’t even take the blog idea seriously. Thanks to Igor for setting it up for me. I look for some sort of sponsorship everyday now. It’s neat how you picked up on my attitude change and you are absolutely right. The warm weather just can’t be beat! Thanks for checking in. Take care.

      Posted by mikekrabal | January 28, 2012, 9:30 am

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