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Day 108 Brittany and I getting a feel for San Diego

It’s been a busy end to January 2012. I’ve been fortunate enough to have folks that I know be in the area or come out to visit me. First it was my brother Shane, his wife April, and April’s mom and stepdad, Tomato Pam and Tomato Joe in Las Vegas. Then Igor and the crew made their way to Santa Monica for a quick night of Hollywood fun. After that, April’s dad Mickey, and I palled around for a few days while he was in California for business, and now Brittany would be arriving to spend a week with me. It’s just like being home with different scenery.

A beautiful Motel 6 morning greeted me in San Diego. Brittany was scheduled to land at the San Diego International Airport at 11:26 am. I snagged some coffee and a quick shower and trekked about two miles west to Terminal 2 at the airport. I knew that she would have a few bags with her and that both of us and the bags couldn’t fit on the Goose. At the airport, I found the baggage claim area that she would be passing through and waited patiently, camera ready, for the first sighting. Somehow when she rounded the corner she immediately spotted me in my, incognito mode, and ruined my chance for a surprise picture. I welcomed her to California and let her know that we had a long hike back to the room. She didn’t mind. Back at the room we devised a plan to check out the San Diego zoo. I’ve wanted to go there my whole life. I scoped out the directions and was pleasantly surprised to find out that we were only a mile away. This would be a nice little test for having the luggage boxes on the bike and having a passenger. I’m happy to say that the Goose handled it well. The San Diego zoo is located at Balboa Park, which is San Diego’s big green point of relief from the concrete jungle. Balboa Park is home to, not only the zoo, but a host of other recreational and educational buildings.  I noticed a science center, natural history museum, and  indoor botanical garden. We went there for the zoo, but ended up seeing more of those types of exhibits. That was due to our late arrival at the zoo itself. By the time we got to the ticket booth it was after 2pm. Entry is $42 a person. That would give us less than three hours to get our moneys worth. We made a decision to wait until the next day to see the zoo and visit it first thing in the morning.

With no animal exploration taking place, I decided to take her to the coast so that she could see the Pacific Ocean for the first time. We bypassed the harbor and made our way through a beautiful little residential area until we found some shoreline. Her and I soaked up some sun, snapped some pics, and headed back to the room for an early evening diner. The happening place in downtown San Diego is around Fifth Avenue and also known as the Gaslamp district. I was attracted to this area for its variety of English and Irish taverns. Our evening began at one of down towns many sports bars for a couple of burgers and ended at a funny little place called the Tipsy Crow. Brittany was wiped out from a bit of jet lag and lack of sleep and I wasn’t feeling the scene too much, so we were out of there as fast as we got there. Back at the room we settled in early and fell asleep to none other than another airing of Forrest Gump. I just love that movie.

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One thought on “Day 108 Brittany and I getting a feel for San Diego

  1. I’m glad Brittany made it there OK! You guys have fun!

    Posted by igordmitry | February 6, 2012, 10:02 pm

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