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California, Chulu Vista, La Jolla

Day 111 La Jolla

Sleeping overnight was a pain in the rear with the pain in my thumb. I couldn’t get the throbbing to stop, even if my thumb wasn’t touching anything. It’s hard to find a position to lay in where your hand remains elevated and your thumb isn’t resting on something. Eventually pure fatigue set in and I fell asleep for a few solid hours. That morning we woke and knocked out some showers. While Brittany was still in the shower, I hunted down a sewing needle that I packed in my hiking pack. The mission was to get the rest of the wood out from under my thumbnail. Let me tell you, nothing will wake you up quicker than sticking a needle underneath a sore thumbnail and digging away. One by one I dislodged piece after bloody piece until my thumbnail almost looked normal again. When all of it was out, my thumb felt ten times better and we were able to get on with our day.

Brittany wanted to hit a beach up and, being right on the coast, we had plenty of choices. I decided to follow through with another recommendation from my friend Don that I met in Big Bend. He told me that he grew up in La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) Beach, just north of San Diego, and that I should check it out while in the area. La Jolla Beach is roughly 22 miles north of the KOA in Chula Vista, where we are staying. We packed our things and took off north, past downtown San Diego, on the 5 until exit 26, then headed west until the ocean was in sight. I didn’t exactly know where La Jolla beach was according to my generic map, so our first stop landed us at La Jolla Shores beach. This area was nice and included free parking (big deal in California), but wasn’t the spot that Don described to me. Brittany and I walked down to the ocean side and back and found a maintenance man who directed us to the La Jolla beach that we were looking for. It wasn’t much more than a mile from where we were, so we headed south a bit until we found downtown La Jolla. Immediately, this place looked like a little piece of Heaven on Earth. Again we found free, motorcycle, parking and  trekked down to the much more dramatic coast. This area is also described as La Jolla Cove. And a pretty little cove it was. Not a hundred feet from the Goose, we spotted our first wild sea lion. This guy, like many coastal Californians, was just chilling in the sun without a care in the world. It was great to knock out another first and this time I got to share it with someone. Her and I rounded a corner and unmistakably knew that we found the cove that Don described. Sea lions, pelicans, and seagulls, wrestled for rocky real estate along shore while us two leggers gawked at mother natures creation. For sure, this is a piece of paradise. A man who was painting the hillside of La Jolla looked as though he was standing in a painting himself. Snorkelers explored the blue water just past the breaking waves and further out, boats with snow-white sails, cruised along silently. I was glad to be there.

We made our way down a few flights of steps to a mini, sandy beach for some fun pictures before returning to the high ground in search of lunch. Along the main drag, we found a restaurant called “The Spot”. I ordered my first official Chicago style deep dish, with chunky tomatoes instead of sauce, while Brittany ordered a tasty chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries. I put a pic up of that pizza and believe it or not I ate the whole thing and didn’t even miss the lack of sauce. This place knows how to make a pie! After our late lunch we planned to get back on the road to beat rush hour traffic in San Diego. Our plan was busted when we were making our way back to the Goose and I noticed another one of Peter Lik’s photo galleries. Peter Lik is the guy from the weather channel who has his own show where he captures incredible landscapes in really remote places. I look up to the guy. I saw one of his other 13 galleries while in Key West on Duval Street. Before the trip, I didn’t really care too much about photography, but now I’m a photo fiend. It was nice to see Brittany’s reactions to his work also. The fellow working the gallery taught me a few things about the type of paper that you can print photos on. We finished checking out the rest of his pictures and were off to KOA.

Back at the tent, we decided to check out the night life in Chula Vista. She wanted to sing some karaoke, so we headed to town and found a place called Manhattans. Brittany sang a few of her favorites and did great as usual. I chickened out again as usual. I wanted to sing Guns-N-Roses, I used to love her, but couldn’t muster up the courage. I introduced Brittany to that song earlier in the day as a joke. She didn’t quite think it was as funny as I did. 🙂 Our night ended just after nine thirty as we made our way back to the not so comfortable tent.

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One thought on “Day 111 La Jolla

  1. Looks like you two are having fun . Beautiful water there. ENJOY LIFE !

    Posted by Asa Bob Hearn | February 2, 2012, 8:29 pm

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