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Day 112 Motoring up to Lake Elsinore

Morning came and my thumb was looking good and feeling ok. Good start to the day. Brittany survived another night in the wilderness known as KOA.  We were both doing good and just wanted to grab breakfast somewhere. Our tastebuds wanted something with a bit of flavor, but the need for some wi-fi took us straight to McDonalds. As you know the food wasn’t much to talk about. The wi-fi on the other hand was superb. After eating and a post, we had no idea how to  spend our day. It wasn’t far from lunch by that point. Out of the blue I suggested that we swing up to Lake Elsinore, CA to check out the MX track that’s there. Lake Elsinore is about 75 miles north east of Chula Vista. She said that it was cool with her, so we left the golden arches in the dust and hopped on the 15 north on our way to the track.

This was her first long ride on the back of the Goose. The side boxes take up a bunch of space that would normally be open for a passenger and you have to have gumbys legs in order to reach the rear footpegs. She managed on the long haul up to Lake Elsinore though. When we finally stopped, I asked her if she could have done 12,000 miles of that and she laughed and said ” I wouldn’t have an ass after that”. Luckily the track was just around the corner.

We stopped at the tracks front gate, paid the five dollar fee and parked the Goose. One of KTM’s big orange semi trucks was parked there with a bunch of bikes in front of it. I had to go see what the occasion was. As I neared the truck I was star struck as I noticed Sebatian Tortelli with a bright green vest on, just hanging out by the line of bikes. Sebastion Tortelli is one of the worlds great motocross riders. There are only a few humans walking the planet who can say that they’ve been world champion and could give Ricky Carmichael a run for his money. Usually I just leave people alone, but this time I realized the opportunity in front of me. I politely asked “Mr. Tortelli would you take a picture with me?” He was so cool about it. Brittany whipped out her cell phone for the quick moment of awesomeness and snapped the pic. Of course like every picture I take with people, I wasn’t looking at the camera when the shutter moved. Damn! Oh well, I’ll just have to live on with that rediculous picture and remember the good part of the moment. We had to let get Sebastion back to his business, so we headed off for a lap around the really neat and organized mx facility. A few of the riders were really hauling around the track. I didn’t recognize any of them until I reviewed the pictures later and could read their jerseys. One fella that was riding was, pro rider, Mike Sleeter. He has been living my dream for a while now and it’s good to see him out there still putting in the work needed to remain fast. Overall I was really impressed with the multiple tracks that are located there. I just wish that I had my mx bikes with me.

Our trip to Lake Elsinore had to end as soon as it began. The sun was getting low and I wanted to beat rush hour in San Diego. We piled on the Goose and took off south, back to Chula Vista. Her and I agreed to just hang around KOA for the evening and soak up another peaceful evening of fireside entertainment. The dinner menu included a few delectable hot dogs, and some savory salsa and tortilla chips. Yummy! We called it a night when the last piece of splintery wood ran out of enough carbon to keep a flame.

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One thought on “Day 112 Motoring up to Lake Elsinore

  1. ( You are definatly living the dream ). What a beautiful MX park & KOA camp ground. How much were the overnight cabins ? They looked really nice. What a great traveling partner you have. Wish she could travel on down the road for a couple of weeks. You look like a great couple. She’s proven to be a great sport !
    Keep smiling & having fun untill the $$$ runs out. My ol buddy John & I envy you.
    Your friend Asa Bob Hearn ” Crosby, Texas

    Posted by Asa Bob Hearn | February 3, 2012, 4:29 pm

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