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California, Chula Vista, San Diego

Day 113 Re-relocating

KOA and my cramped little Kelty tent have been home for the past three days. Brittany and I really didn’t need to head back to San Diego yet, but three nights of laying on the ground with no room to stretch out was good enough for us. Transporting our things is the tricky part in this situation. As I’ve ridden across the country solo, the Goose and I have been traveling at maximum capacity. When Brittany came into the picture more luggage was added and another body required toting. Like when we moved from Motel 6 in San Diego to KOA in Chula Vista a few days before, I had to make more than one trip to get our things back to San Diego. She leaves on Tuesday of next week and I wanted to be close to the airport again when her day of departure arrives.

That morning we woke, showered, packed up a one full load and headed north on the five back to San Diego in search of a cheap room that she noticed a few days before. Unfortunately her lack of experience with San Diego and only vague memory of the motels sign left us on a wild goose chase. What happened was, as we were riding around on her first day here, she noticed a hotel with a sign advertising a room rate of $49.99, but she didn’t exactly take a mental note of its location. I gave it a go at seeking out this mystery room, but that left us riding double around a jam-packed city with confusing one way streets and cars zipping around everywhere. Checkout time at KOA was noon and we needed to find a place quick, so that I could ride back to Chula Vista and get the tent and the rest of the gear. Once it became blatently obvious that we weren’t going to find the room she noticed, I decided to rely on good ol’ Motel 6 again. This time it was a Motel 6 that was within easy walking distance of the downtown Gaslamp District a few blocks up the hill from the one we stayed at previously. Her and I checked in to the overly contemporary room and I was off to KOA to grab the rest of our things.

I just made checkout time and headed back to San Diego. At the room we decided to head downtown for some lunch. For whatever reason the House of Blues looked inviting, but turned out to be a huge let down. The prices for lunch were what one would expect for an area like that, but the portions were so tiny that I had to order something else just to fill the tank. Let me tell you about my bit of lunch, and I mean bit. They have a few lunch specials in the center of the menu. I ordered the street tacos from that list and a house salad as the side. My imagination led me to expect three or four normal sized tacos and a very lettuce dominated salad. I was right about the salad, but horribly wrong about the tacos. What came out of that kitchen looked like a joke. Brittany and I looked at each other in shock once the two tacos arrived. Without exaggeration, these two tiny tacos were as long as my pointer finger and only halfway filled with meat. I’m a country boy from the Appalachians. Perhaps I’m a bit more rugged than these metro sexual Californian men. I do expect a hardy portion of food in front of me. I know there are different cultures and different ways of doing things and I enjoy experiencing them, but man, this lunch was crossing a line. I expect to at least have enough food on the plate to produce an aroma. A squirrel could have eaten these things and had room to spare. Now all of this complaining would not be appropriate if the price for the tacos was $2.50, but for the going rate of $12 for a salad and these micros tacos, I have the right to complain and will end with the recommendation of avoiding this place for food purchases if you are in the area.

On with the day…. We continued strolling around the Gaslamp district until dusk, made our way back to the room, freshened up, and headed back out to McFaddens to relax on the town. Everything on the road and in life is not all rosey folks. Brittany and I were enjoying ourselves until our conversation led to a disagreement and a little spat. I’m incredibly hardheaded and lost my desire to be social, so as quick as we got there we left and went back to the room again for a really early night.

(I didn’t really take many pictures of the day. I thought that I would get more while we were out that night.)

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4 thoughts on “Day 113 Re-relocating

  1. If you would have been at the Lamp Light Dist. before dark you could have seen those MARINES HOLDING THOSE Sailors UP SO THEY COULD LIGHT THOSE LAMPS. They’re sort of wormie, but they make great lamp lighters. LOL In the 60’s we called them BELL HOPS & let them carry our sea bags. NOT TRUE, but some humor back in the 60’s. To all you sailors (I’M SORRY ).
    Come on Mike, please appologize to your room-mate. Who else would climb on a motorcycle, wrap around those bag holders, hang on for deer life in Calif. traffic, eat on a piss poor budget, and climb into a crimped tent in the middle of a park ? ” Unless she is pulling for Obama, everything else can be overlooked ” .A relationship is GIVE & TAKE. Believe me, I’m going on 44 years.

    Posted by Asa Bob Hearn | February 4, 2012, 8:46 pm
    • Hey Bob, Have you ever thought of writing? Brittany and I have been cracking up at some of your comments. We are doing fine. All is better and that was just one instance. She is a trooper. Finally swung by Camp Pendleton and had a neat little visit. You’ll see a pic on the blog of both of us standing in front of the Camp Pendleton entrance. Officer Ramos took that of us. It was pretty cool. Having a decent time in California so far.

      Your buddy Mike

      > —– Original Message —– >

      Posted by mikekrabal | February 5, 2012, 1:23 pm
  2. I like the way you think bob (:

    Posted by mikekrabal | February 5, 2012, 8:45 am
  3. Ps this is Brittany!

    Posted by mikekrabal | February 5, 2012, 8:46 am

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