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Days 115 and 116 Superbowl Sunday and Migraine Monday

Day 115, superbowl Sunday, started out with a morning so uneventful that it’s not worth writing about. Our day really began as we headed to the Gaslamp District again in downtown San Diego. After a late lunch at TGI Fridays we strolled around until we found a suitable watering hole to watch the big game. Patricks 2 is the name of the place. It has that dark, wood trimmed, bar-mosphere, feel to it. Only a few tables were open, so Brittany and I planted roots there for the duration of the game. Little did we know that they would be serving free food throughout the game after she just paid $20 for lunch. I’m sure everyone reading this watched the game, so there is no need for me to recap it. I’m just going to add that I was rooting for the Patriots and I’m pretty sure that it why the Giants won. Sorry to all of the Patriots fans. This years commercials were funny again and anytime Clint Eastwood is thrown in the mix, I’m happy. After the game and four pitchers of beer, her and I bounced around from place to place. We had the opportunity to meet a fellow West Virginian, my first of the trip. His name was Brad Estep, which is also Brittany’s last name. (insert the family tree with no branches joke here) His hometown lies in the southern central part of our state in Kanawa County. That area of WV is quite a different world from the yuppy-ized eastern panhandle that we’re from. He is in San Diego serving our country via the Navy. We shared a drink and let him get back to his friends. Then it was off to another place, where a fella tried to trick me into buying him a drink. I just laughed in his face and told him that I’m homeless. He didn’t pester me anymore after that. The bartender hooked Brittany and I up with a couple free shots of some whiskey with a strong cinnamon flavor added. (dangerous stuff). Finally we found the only “country” bar in the area, that I know of. The Double Duece. Country music, a mechanical bull, a decent atmosphere. It was almost like home. Our time there was short and sweet and that capped off an end to another superbowl Sunday.

Day 116. Did anyone keep track of the drink count on day 115? If you did then you would know that’s why I couldn’t do a post yesterday. When I woke that morning, a splinter under the fingernail would have felt better than the pain my head was going through. This one folks, could have been the mother of all hangovers. I feel a bit hipocritical for drinking like that, but when someone else pays for the beverages, I don’t let them go to waste. It’s a respect thing ya know. 🙂 Anyway, the whole day was completely unproductive. Somewhere around 2pm, Brittany and I made our way to Lolita’s Taco Shop, eight miles away. Lolita’s came to me as a recommendation from the young bartender I met in Williams Arizona at Twisters Diner. Her name was Kirsten and she said that while in San Diego I HAD to eat a California burrito at Lolitas. Since this was our last day in the area I wanted to follow through with my promise. Brittany and I found the place, ordered a few California burritos and obliterated each one. Now, I’m not sure if it was an off day at Lolita’s or not, but our burritos were loaded with way to many french fries, making them really dry tasting, and not enough meat , or sour cream for that matter. Perhaps they are making them differently these days. We left there fighting off a serious food coma. Back at the room, tv was on the menu for a couple hours until Brittany suggested we go to Ghirardelli’s chocolate shop for some ice cream. We stopped there a few days ago and were blown away by the quality of the icecream. She said that she wanted to have some of their icecream, just one more time, before she had to leave San Diego. I was down with that! She got another huge chocolate cone and I busted out a banana split. Highly recommended folks. After our sugar rush we headed back to the room for a really early night and some much needed rest.

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One thought on “Days 115 and 116 Superbowl Sunday and Migraine Monday

  1. I miss you ao much already! 2wks 2wkS!!

    Posted by britt | February 7, 2012, 12:50 pm

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