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Day 122 the THING and I

Heading home at a blistering pace, compared to my pace going west, sets me up for a tremendously different daily schedule. I would love to take my time, knock out a post , and do some site seeing all in one day, like I’m accustomed to, but my bank account is on “E” and there is, a very real chance, that I could run out of loot before reaching home if I don’t crank out the miles. One of the changes to the schedule is when I actually do my writing. It will be at night for the remainder of the trip. I don’t want to waste precious daylight riding hours doing a post. This has its pros and cons though. The con is, my brain is mentally drained from concentrating on keeping the Goose upright for nine hours straight on boring interstate and the pro is my writing will be current and not a day behind, but will most likely be of poorer quality due to exhaustion.

Today I woke from a full nights sleep for the first time in 5 days and rode for 550 miles from my room at the Americas Best Value Inn, in Phoenix Arizona to a Motel 6 in Van Horn Texas. My goal was Fort Stockton, another 100 miles east, but the freezing temperatures and rain forced me off of the road. Even with all of those miles, the torturous headwind, fueling up four times, and grabbing a bite to eat at Arbys in Lordsburg New Mexico, I still managed to take some pics and do one act of site seeing. Folks, I had to see the THING. What is the THING? Well it is a pair of mummified corpses, from many moons ago. One corpse is that of a woman and the other is a baby or very young child. Both are intact. This anomoly is located in Arizona on exit 322  off of interstate 10. There is a very minimal fee of $1 to walk through three buildings, full of neat and off the wall pieces, and of course, the THING. You walk from one building to the next looking for it and once you come to the last of the three buildings you find it, or them, or whatever it is. I’m just going to go along with what they say they are. Hell, I’m to tired to have an opinion at this point. It was worth the one smack it took to gain admission to the mini museum. One other interesting piece in there was a car that was said to have carried Adolph Hitler. Again, it was not proven though. For those of you that have followed along, you may remember that I tried to visit the THING one other time on this trip. It was Christmas Day then, which seems like forever ago to me, and the place was closed. So there it is, the THING,  check out the pics and decide for yourself if it is real or not. My brain is about as mushy as the one in the mummys head at the moment.

At one point today, I had enough of the severe wind buffering that was comes off of my windscreen, so I took that sucker off and rode like that for 50 miles to see if it would be an improvement. It surely cut back on the wind noise, but felt like I was catching way to much  wind and thus killing my fuel milage. I put the windscreen back on and just dealt with the constant pounding from the wind. My ears are still ringing right now and I’ve been off the bike for over an hour. As soon as I get home, I’m putting the short windscreen back on. Even with earplugs in, it still is punishing. The windscreens height is perfect for creating an air current that pounds my faceshield. If I raise up off of the seat two inches it gets quiet. Trust me this is so annoying when you do this many miles a day.

Oh yeah, going back to the very beginning of the day, before I left Phoenix. I made an easy decision to leave behind my comforter and camping pad that I’ve been toting around. Both things catch wind like nobodies business and I don’t think I’ll need them anymore. Total cost for both pieces was only $28 dollars. Brittany can vouch for the absolute worthlessness of the camping pad. She woke up with bruises on her hips in San Diego due to the lack of, well, padding, that it has. Laying on it was like laying on a floor covered in burber carpet. The comforter was ok, just unneccessary, and losing it saved me about two pounds of luggage weight. I left a note for the room service folks that said, “I don’t need this stuff anymore. It is still in good condition, If you know anyone in need please give it to them. Thank you”. Then I was off.

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3 thoughts on “Day 122 the THING and I

  1. Bad weather ahead. NEED HELP CALL 713/515-6914

    YOUR FRIEND Bob Hearn

    Posted by Asa Bob Hearn | February 12, 2012, 11:39 pm
  2. It sounds like you’re ready for home.

    Posted by nwroadrat | February 13, 2012, 7:32 am
  3. I stopped at the thing 3 times in the past few years. And just got gas and left. I never knew there was a mummy in there. I’m not very observant. will have to go in and see it next time. How could I not be curious? they have signs all over the interstate advertising the THING. LOL. I just thought it was another store.

    Posted by Oldrider Inthewind | March 1, 2018, 12:25 am

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