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Crosby, Houston, Texas

Day 126 The Goode life

I woke from a solid nights sleep upstairs at Bob and Wilma’s. They have allowed me to stay in a nice bedroom until I head out on Saturday. I can’t complain one bit about that. When I walked down stairs Wilma had already left for work and Bob met up with John to head to the V. A. for some business. I had the place to myself. Wilma fixed up a pot of coffee for me before she left and I was lured to it by the aroma like one of those old Folgers commercials. They gave me strict orders to make myself at home, so I had some coffee, did a load of laundry, and caught up on the blog. All of this took a few hours to wrap up. Right after I finished folding my clothes, the guys rolled up and we all jumped in Johns truck and went out in search of lunch at a nearby Chinese buffet. Folks, I have been eating better than I even deserve to eat. Brittany texted me and said that she lost five pounds since seeing me in San Diego. I would bet that I’ve gained five.

After our gut busting lunch, we hopped back in the truck and made our way to Bob’s son, Blane’s house. Blane is a very fortunate fellow, not only does he have two great parents behind him, but he is living that sort of life that I’m on the road looking for. He is his own boss, through his taxidermist work, has a solid family, stays involved in his hot rod restoration hobby, and from what I can tell is actively involved in sports. I wasn’t fortunate enough to get to talk to him that much, but if I was, I would’ve asked him a million questions about being your own boss. Ultimately he is a busy guy with a lot on his plate and I didn’t want to berate him with a ton of questions. A goal that I’ve always kept in mind, is to be in control of my day. In his case, he seems to be doing well as a business owner and it was great to see a small business running like a well oiled machine. While there, Bob gave me a tour of the shops. One is for hot rods with every tool known to man and two are for the taxidermy work. There’s a section for the animals to be processed and a showroom to display the final product. Not only is there a business side of things going on, but there is a community sharing part to the place. Blane’s family has a batting cage right in yard. Some local kids and coaches were there using it for practice. I liked seeing the unselfish sharing of, for lack of a better word, resources to help out your fellow neighbors. It builds a better community, and a better community than Crosby Texas would be hard to find. I even got in the batting cage and aimed an aluminum bat at some 80 mph baseballs for a while. At first I was horrible, swinging way to late, missing almost every ball with horrible form. I told one of the coaches to film me for an example of what not to be doing. Then I started to get it. I began to swing earlier and became the foul ball hitter of the century. Then, at my best point, I could at least make contact with the ball every time. I had a ton of fun. It was the first time that I’ve had the chance to swing against balls coming that fast. Those guys really are talented, but I’ll stick to MX.

Next, Bob, John, and I headed back to Bobs house to get ready for an evening dinner at Goode Company Texas BBQ. Wilma soon arrived home from work. We piled into the Tahoe and headed for Houston. Goode Company BBQ is one of those places that, if you walk into hungry, the smell will make you feel like you’re starving as you wait in line. Hands down, it was one of the tastiest places I’ve ever smelled. The patrons have a choice between sitting inside at the dining room, or taking their food outside, beneath a canopy to the picnic tables. We chose outside. Bob and Wilma’s brother-in-law, Dick, planned to meet us there. Dick is a motorcycle rider through and through. Even at seventy-nine years old, he goes like the world depends on it and enjoys every second. He has been following my adventure since hearing about it from Bob and wanted to meet me. His travels have taken him to places that I can’t even imagine yet. He joined us at the picnic table about 15 mins after we got there. Instantly I knew I’d get along with that guy. Anyone who has been that dedicated to two wheeling is a friend of mine. He had a few questions about the Goose, we talked bikes, shared road trip stories and great food. We all took turns taking  pictures and once again I was living in one of life’s priceless moments. It got a bit sweeter when the meal was topped off with pecan pie. Dick ended up leaving a few minutes before us, but it was nice to make another friend on the road.

We put Goode Company BBQ in the rear view and headed back to Crosby for a relaxing evening of chatting while watching slide shows of pictures and some old video. Again we made it to the midnight hour before calling it a day. Does it get better than that?

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