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Alabama, Greenville, South Carolina, Spartansburg

Day 130 East coastin

My weird night of sectional sleep was no match for my biological clock. You would think that a guy with just a few hours of sleep could at least make it to the crack of 9:30 once in a while. For whatever reason I woke at 7:30am, when my body really could have used a few more hours. As I was leaving the lobby the night before after being defeated by the internet, I asked the front desk attendant if she could give me a wake up call at 8 am. She agreed and wrote it down. My cell phone is as dead as a door nail right now, so using it for an alarm is out of the question. It turned out to be a good thing that I woke when I did. The front desk clerk forgot to call my room. I found this out after I got out of the shower and packed a few things up. It was 8:05 when I headed to the lobby for breakfast and another shot at posting the last three days. This time I was bringing my groggy game face. WordPress had better watch out. I rushed through breakfast so that I could secure the only seat at the hotels community computer. No food or drinks were allowed in the computer room. Two hours later, in finger cramp city, I completed that damn post. Relief washed over me as I hit the publish button. With that nightmare out of the way, it was time to get rolling. I had states to cross and time zones to change.

Interstate 85 north was on the menu for the whole day and I had a craving for tarmac stew. I’d start in Alabama and plan to make it to North Carolina before day’s end. I decorated the Goose with a few Mardi Gras beads and left at 11 am on the dot. Driving along 85 north in Alabama is pretty uninteresting, although the scenery at times reminded me of home. One thing that stuck out, literally, were these foot-high dirt mounds everywhere. I rode and rode and these things dotting the landscape like freckles. Finally I had to pull off of the road and see what sort of creature was building them. I had three guesses after seeing enough of them to know they weren’t cow patties. My first guess was ants, second guess was termites and my, distant, third guess was some sort of rodent. When I kicked the top off of one of them, an explosion of ants was revealed. I watched to see how they would react. Amazingly, they instantly went for the eggs and took them deeper inside the mound. Within seconds the eggs were out of sight. I was shocked by how quick they reacted to saving the baby ants. It’s like they had a plan B for when the day came that a giant would come and kick the top off of their mound. They moved with such precision that I could imagine a leader ant on a micro bull horn shouting out orders. Ok, so I have been on the road a long time 🙂 My six-legged exploration soon ended and north I went, still on 85. Everything was dandy as I passed right through Atlanta. I expected it to be a headache, but the traffic was at a minimum. The headache came about fifteen minutes later when I noticed that my right footpeg was getting awfully slippery. I thought that I got something on the bottom of my boot, so I dragged it along the pavement as I rode. When I put it back on the peg, I still felt the slickness. At that moment I looked down to discover oil everywhere. SHITE!   “Oh boy. What the hell is wrong with the Goose?” I thought. I immediately pulled that sucker over to the shoulder and cut it off. A quick inspection revealed a missing oil fill cap. That was the first relief. I knew exactly why it was missing. Sometimes when it gets really cold I put my foot on that part of the engine until my toes warm up. The last time my foot was up there was the night when I was crossing the mountain pass in west Texas near Van Horn. I must have knocked it loose and it finally vibrated out. Instead of panic, I decided to see what the roadside could provide me to plug it. Everyone knows that there is enough metal and plastic tidbits of trash laying along our interstates. I thought that if I walk a while one way and then the other there would be a good chance of finding something useful. Folks who know me real well back home know that I’m better than McGyver at “fixing” things. This was another chance to prove it. I collected a plastic bottle and a rubber plug. Back at the Goose, I tried the rubber plug first. The thing fit perfectly and that was the second relief. After verifying through my sight glass that enough oil was still in my bike, I headed for the nearest fuel station to replace what amount was lost. About 3/4 of a quart leaked out. I refilled it and continued on. At that point North Carolina was still feasible.

From there I just kept going until the South Carolina sign welcomed me. At the welcoming station, I stretched out the stompers and took some time to appreciate some things I haven’t seen in a while, like a sycamore tree and a dandelion. The terrain is starting to resemble home and I’m feeling good inside. Before I left in October, South Carolina used to feel so far away, now it feels like practically the same area as home. The vastness of the western states is now gone and has been replaced by the rolling green hills and tree-lined interstates of the east coast.  Speaking of the east coast, I’m back to my original time zone now. Crossing into Georgia from Alabama is the eastern time zone line.  In South Carolina I called it a day about twenty miles south of the North Carolina, in Spartansburg, when I noticed a Motel 6 advertising rooms for $29.99. That was enough to pull me off of the interstate. That’s cheaper than popping a tent up almost anywhere in California. Somethings wrong with that picture. Anyway, I’m settled in for the night and looking forward to what tomorrow has in store.

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5 thoughts on “Day 130 East coastin

  1. Hi Kid ! In 1967 I was riding a dirt road on a Triumph ( Daytona 500 ) When a man coming toward threw a beer bottle at me. Although it missed me I was home from Vietnam only 6 days ” in the best shape in my whole life & scared of no man “. ( Back then that was ). When I got the Trumpet turned around, the race was on. I got way behind in a cloud of dust, but when we came out of the river bottoms & up on hwy. 90, I got in behind a chevy. pickup & the man in the Mustang didn’t see me. I drafted untill 80 mph. then pulled a slingshot move on the Mustang. At 94mph. I had problems. The front right valve cap vibrated & came off. The cold air was going right onto the hot piston, and burned a hole the size of a quarter in the piston. Cost $ 300;oo for repair in 1967. Kept that Mustang lic. plate # in my wallet for 4 years, swearing to burn that Mustang to the ground if I ever ran across it. ( NEVER DID ). WhenI first saw that oil filler hole, it brought back old memories. What’s the chances of finding a rubber plug the exact size ? By not getting SOUCED at New Orleans, your LUCK is changing already. LOL Quit pushing so hard, Home, Friends & girlfriends will all be there & you’ll be too tired to visit. SO GLAD YOU’RE GETTING CLOSE. Enjoyed the writings & photos for the past 2 days. Thanks for the KUDOS !Ellard will probably call me tomorrow. Have fun ALL THE WAY HOME .I could have showed you plenty of ant beds & crawfish holes in our yard, although they were probably under water. Been beautiful ever since you left. Sunshine, warm 73 today. Supposed to be 82 on thursday. Hunter played baseball tonight in Galveston. We lost but hUNTER PLAYED A GOOD GAME. Could have put some of those cracklins in the Goose. Plenty of grease & would quiten those lifters. LOL. Out of here, be safe & Wilma, John & I love ya. Hurry back to TEXAS remember, every bearing has a bottom !

    Posted by Asa Bob Hearn | February 21, 2012, 12:18 am
    • That’s a pretty wild story about the guys who threw the bottle at you while riding. I don’t blame you one bit for trying to chase them down. To bad you didn’t catch them or find that car later on. I’m sure that if you did, they would have never thrown a bottle at a guy on a bike again. I made it to Danville Virginia tonight and checked into a place called Travel Inn. It was only $31.95. I’m about 260 miles from home now and am planning to arrive around 4pm tomorrow. Igor is going to be there ready to film me pulling up. Mom has been cooking up a storm in preperation for my return. Brittany will be there to meet me too. I had a great day today with the folks at Crossroads Yamaha in Albemarle NC. They gave me a plug for the Goose’s oil fill hole and gave the bike a thorough once over and even an oil change. I’ve been so fortunate to meet folks like them and you guys. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about my invention book that I’ve been carrying around religously since 2005. I’ve put it out of my mind for this trip, but have consistently added to it for 6 years now and when I left home in October it had 74 inventions in it that I’ve sketched up. I’m planning to get started on making a few of them come to life when I get home. Who knows, one may actually be valuable. Anyway, I hope all is well and I guess tomorrow will be a very interesting day. Your West Virginia son


      > —– Original Message —– >

      Posted by mikekrabal | February 21, 2012, 9:18 pm
  2. Mcgyver indeeeed. The old pig van was some talent at work

    Posted by ktmrider848 | February 21, 2012, 8:22 am

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