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Day 117 Northbound

Here’s the post that I didn’t want to write as I left home nearly four months ago. Time for Brittany to leave San Diego came after a pleasant nine-day stay. We had plenty of fun on her dime and I’m thankful for it. My dimes can now be counted on a few hands, hence the … Continue reading

Days 115 and 116 Superbowl Sunday and Migraine Monday

Day 115, superbowl Sunday, started out with a morning so uneventful that it’s not worth writing about. Our day really began as we headed to the Gaslamp District again in downtown San Diego. After a late lunch at TGI Fridays we strolled around until we found a suitable watering hole to watch the big game. … Continue reading

Day 114 Pretty-Awesome

I haven’t mentioned it before, but since Brittany has been here we have planned to swing up to Anaheim for the next round of Supercross which fell on day 114. She sponsored our time there. That was our mission of the day. Travel a smooth one hundred miles north and back. Going from San Diego … Continue reading

Day 113 Re-relocating

KOA and my cramped little Kelty tent have been home for the past three days. Brittany and I really didn’t need to head back to San Diego yet, but three nights of laying on the ground with no room to stretch out was good enough for us. Transporting our things is the tricky part in … Continue reading

Day 110 K.O.A. bound

Motel 6 near the San Diego airport has been home for the last few days. Our time there has been pretty smooth with just one unsavory incident that happened just minutes after Brittany arrived at the room for the first time. We were staying in room 237 and our not so lovely neighbors were in … Continue reading

Day 109 Welcome to the jungle

Hello. My name is Mike. I’m thirty years old and a native of West Virginia. Like many of you gathered here today, I have an issue. They say that the only way to get over your problems is to admit that you have a problem. Well folks……. I really really like animals!    haha It … Continue reading

Day 108 Brittany and I getting a feel for San Diego

It’s been a busy end to January 2012. I’ve been fortunate enough to have folks that I know be in the area or come out to visit me. First it was my brother Shane, his wife April, and April’s mom and stepdad, Tomato Pam and Tomato Joe in Las Vegas. Then Igor and the crew … Continue reading

Day 107 Traveling again

Morning began with immediate packing. I woke around 7 am. Mickey needed  to be out of the room by 8:30 in order to grab a quick breakfast and make his flight from LAX to San Francisco. He is traveling there to work one full week before returning home to West Virginia. Part of me wishes … Continue reading

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My name's Mike Krabal and I am from Jefferson County WV. I'm a thirty year old guy who still believes that you can be anything you want to be. I'm on a mission to find out exactly what that is.

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