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Day 33 Go west young man

Now that I’ve made it as far south as I can ride and back north to Georgia, again, it’s finally time to head west and for me that’s the great unknown. Everyday will inch me a little further across the country to the end goal of California. I’ve been waiting for this. Everything on the … Continue reading

Day 32 Millsaps Training Facility and Danas back yard


Day 31 Cheifland Florida to Cairo Georgia


Day 18 Run Forrest Run


Day 10 Reality check from the road


Day 9 Sick and slow going


Days 7,8 Oktoberfest, Helen and Hangovers


A few thoughts with one week behind me.

I feel great. There is no doubt that I’ve made the right decision for my overall mental well being. Like a caged animal who has just been released, I feel free. I do not want this state of being to end.  I have felt very little homesickness.  I’ve been humbled a few times already from … Continue reading

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My name's Mike Krabal and I am from Jefferson County WV. I'm a thirty year old guy who still believes that you can be anything you want to be. I'm on a mission to find out exactly what that is.

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