Mike’s Road Crew

Here is a guide that will help you keep up with all the characters in this real life soap opera. In order of appearance:

Bruce is the owner of Superjuiced.com in Hedgesville WV. He’s an old motocross friend of mine and he hooked me up with my trunk, boots, and helmet.

Steve Thompson. He’s the man. He’s the guy who welded my custom cargo rack that holds my side boxes and trunk. Thanks Steve for the last minute late night work and you better let me pay for food sometime punk. Also thank you to Steves dad for letting us use his shop and equipment.

The Goose is my best friend and my compadre on this trip. Its a 2003 Yamaha FZ1 that I bought for $2500 on 4/15/11. When I bought The Goose I stopped driving my truck all together.

Shane. He’s also the man and he’s my little brother. He and his wife let me shack up in thier place for a few weeks before the trip and while my homeless ass figured out the details. If you see him, slap him in the chest with your open palm. He loves it and considers it as respectful as a hand shake.

April is my brothers beautiful wife and between her and her dad Mickey, I’ve been given some great advice on how to navigate around Hawaii.

Leanne is the nice young lady who printed up my indirectredirection.com stickers at a last minute request and still waived the rush delivery fee. She works at vital signs in Charles Town WV.

Igor is a beer guzzling, buell riding, travel nut with filmaking aspirations transplanted from his native Ukraine to Arlington Va. after a brief stint in NC. He also owns a Gas Gas trials bike.

Vivek is a rare ass Indian Harley rider and also our leading Budget Inn negotiater with Brittany coming in a close second.  He currently resides in the big apple.  It’s worth mentioning that after some Jack Daniels and Boddingtons Pub Ales he becomes quite the ladys man.

Caleb is Igors best friend and also a friend of mine. He’s a huge inspiration to me because of the journey he’s currently on. He’s circumnavigating the entire planet. First by way of the Oz bus and now by foot and he is currently in South America heading back to North Carolina. Check him out at walkerswalkabout.com. He rocks the mohawk pretty well too.

Mom and Tommy. They are my parents and I have to thank them for keeping everything in check while I’m on the road. It’s great to have solid people behind you.

Big Steve Chrystal is the man who I’ve considered my best friend for well over a decade. He very generously hooked me up with my riding gear and rain gear when he heard that I was leaving. Thanks again bro.

T.W. and Cody the guys at Mt. Airy Yamaha who hooked me up with some stickers and some recommendations for my NC days of the trip

Crossroads Yamaha Pals Jason, Carmen, Jed. Unbelievable good people who I can’t say enough good things about. These guys went way out of there way to help me along.

Brad and Baldo  The guys from cycle gear in Houston who went the extra mile took hook me up with exactly what I needed to get my helmet up to snuff again.

Mac and Mary Ann They are some new and great friends that I met in Key Largo Florida. They helped me out with a place to stay and we shared great on the road stories. I hope to keep in touch with them for a long time to come.

Daniel He is a good friend of mine from several years back when he was riding motocross in WV with me. He is definitely one of the wildest people I’ve ever met. He currently resides in Houston and will be a daddy soon. Maybe that will tame his wild side a bit.

Bryan and Miranda They started out as friends of Igors and now they are friends of mine. They also hooked me up with a place to crash while I was passing through Raleigh NC. I owe you guys one for sure.

Caroline She is a friend of mine via my friendship with her sons’ Paul and Jeff. She very kindly, gave me a place to stay when I was traveling north on the west coast of Florida. She is also a very handy tour guide of her pretty beach town of Clearwater FL. Thank you Caroline.

Tomato Joe and Tomato Pam  They are technically my brothers, wifes, parents. To me though they are not only family, but great friends that I had a  great time with. I left their place in Pensacola feeling good, knowing that some great people are behind me.

Dana and Victor The easiest way to describe these two is to say that they are some of the nicest strangers I’ve ever met. They went above and beyond the call of duty to hook a complete stranger up with a place to stay at the last minute. Thanks guys

Bob Hearn and John Smith These two great Texans and military veterans became close friends of mine during my two awesome days at Luckenbach. We are consistently emailing one another almost daily.

Don and Ginni I met them at Big Bend NP. They introduced me to my first persimmon fruit and offered great advice for things around the park. If not for them I may not have ridden 170 west toward Presidio, which was one of the prettiest rides yet.

Aaron and Linda Fellow bloggers and nomads, I met these two British Columbia natives in Roswell at the RV park. You can check em out at Band-of-Gypsys.blogspot.com. We’ve been keeping in touch pretty consistently also



12 thoughts on “Mike’s Road Crew

  1. Man it will be so good to see you

    Posted by Daniel Wilson | November 13, 2011, 10:17 am
  2. Hey Mike…you be careful out on the road, you are in my prayers.

    Posted by Jilda (Daniel's Mom) | November 15, 2011, 6:56 pm


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