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Day 83.5 and 84 One last cold night at the canyon

Day 83.5? That is the other half of the day that I didn’t include in my post two days ago. Basically, I just rode around the Grand Canyon park aimlessly to check out anything that I just haven’t experienced yet. I stopped in to see the Maswik lodge, which I haven’t previously visited. There is … Continue reading

Days 82 and 83 Grand Canyon. backtracking and hiking

Day 82 I’m going to skip the morning routine mumbo jumbo for this post and focus on giving a brief run down of the day. Of course I didn’t sleep well and of course I had some coffee first thing. I’m at the GRAND CANYON baby, it was time to sight see and point my … Continue reading

Day 81 lame to wild

A few things about the Grand Canyon National Park first. The part of the Grand Canyon that the park service maintains is the eastern portion. The western portion is owned by Native Americans. (that is where the sky walk is) This eastern portion is covered in thick forest. That threw me off when I first … Continue reading

Days 79,80 New Years Eve and New Years Day. 2012

New years eve. I woke with one thing on my mind. Get in touch with Wayland and ride thru the Navajo reservation to Monument Valley to find the point where Forrest Gump stopped running in the movie. You know the scene in the movie where he stops on a long road in the desert and … Continue reading

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