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Days 115 and 116 Superbowl Sunday and Migraine Monday

Day 115, superbowl Sunday, started out with a morning so uneventful that it’s not worth writing about. Our day really began as we headed to the Gaslamp District again in downtown San Diego. After a late lunch at TGI Fridays we strolled around until we found a suitable watering hole to watch the big game. … Continue reading

Day 92 What happens in Vegas happens to cool people

It’s safe to say that the first half of day 92 wasn’t exactly productive. When I get real loose and have a good time I call the creature that I morph into the Zombie. The Zombie may have a scary name, but shouldn’t be feared. He likes music with a fun beat, socializing using the … Continue reading

Day 70 Word of the day “white”

Why is “white” the word of the day. To start off, it was snowing in Ruidoso when I left. It wasn’t bad though, only flurries. The agenda was to visit White Sands National Monument/Park and explore the rare patch of white sand dunes. ¬†Finally, these massive, cotton ball-esque, beautiful clouds unexpectedly dominated my pictures all … Continue reading

Days 51, 52 Wet and Wild, but mostly wet

It just rained for three days straight. When I think of Texas I think of dry arid land full of desert landscapes or maybe large ranches with cacti. I didn’t expect to experience more rain in Texas than any other state that I’ve been in. Washington would have been my number one bet if I … Continue reading

Days 20 and 21 Daytona, bike night, and a body shutdown


Day 17 Three’s company but Four’s a crowd


Day 9 Sick and slow going


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