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Days 79,80 New Years Eve and New Years Day. 2012

New years eve. I woke with one thing on my mind. Get in touch with Wayland and ride thru the Navajo reservation to Monument Valley to find the point where Forrest Gump stopped running in the movie. You know the scene in the movie where he stops on a long road in the desert and … Continue reading

Day 76 Leaving great places to soon.

Prescott Arizona was a pretty little town and I don’t want to take any of its glory away, but oh my God, Jerome and Sedona Arizona are just freaking amazing.  I had the Goose all packed up and ready to make my way out of Prescott to Sedona and then to Flagstaff. I got completely … Continue reading

Day 70 Word of the day “white”

Why is “white” the word of the day. To start off, it was snowing in Ruidoso when I left. It wasn’t bad though, only flurries. The agenda was to visit White Sands National Monument/Park and explore the rare patch of white sand dunes.  Finally, these massive, cotton ball-esque, beautiful clouds unexpectedly dominated my pictures all … Continue reading

Days 66 and 67 Out of this world and Under this world experiences

Day 66. My motel room at the Caverns Inn of Carlsbad New Mexico was slightly more cozy than the caverns themselves, but not by much. I didn’t waste any time getting packed and out of there. 18 miles southwest of Carlsbad is the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. My agenda for the day was to go … Continue reading

Day 53 So long to Greune, Hello Alamo

Man I didn’t want to come out of the sleeping bag the morning of Day 53. It was cold, but for the first time in a few days it wasn’t raining. I had make my escape from the campground and get on the road again. Get while the getting was good you know. When I … Continue reading

Day 37 Bad luck, good luck and Arkansas

Day 37 started out really really early. So early in fact that the action started at about 1am. At the Budget Inn in Clarksdale all eyes were on me. These were eyes that I wish were not though. I made it back to my room from a night at Ground Zero Blues Club and the time … Continue reading

Day 29 The Goose hits the ground again and Alligator alley


Days 25,26,27,28 No longer M.I.A, Key West to Ft. Lauderdale


Day 10 Reality check from the road


Day 4 Blue Ridge Parkway and the Natural Bridge

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